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Air Shipping No Dimension As Low As CNY13 免体积空运最低1KG运费CNY13

News Date: 2017-04-24 18:29:00

No Dimension Promotion
零体积(免抛)运费 促销活动

(25 Apr 2017 - 15 May 2017)

If your normal air shipment weight is over 5kg and sent to West Malaysia by using ABX services, you can enjoy this promotion! which only calculate the weight and no dimension will be use to calculate the air shipping cost.
如果您要使用ABX空运寄送一个普货包裹实重多过5kg到马来西亚西马,您就可以享有这个促销活动! 也就是说您的包裹不会以体积来计算,而只会使用实重来计算运费。
Example: Send parcels with dimension 120cm x 60cm x 60cm with weight 6KG by normal air shipping ABX to West Malaysia. If paid and sent out within above promotion period, you only need to pay 6KG instead dimension 72KG (120cm x 60cm x 60cm / 6000) (SAVE UP TO 66KG !)
例子:寄送一个包裹体积是 120cm x 60cm x 60cm,实重是6KG 以ABX普货空运到西马。 如果您在促销时间内提交出货单和支付,您只需要支付6KG 空运费,而不是以体积计算的72KG(120cm x 60cm x 60cm / 6000)(节省66KG!)
Every KG Air Shipping Cost As Low As CNY 13 or RM8.50
每KG的空运费低至 CNY 13 或者只是 RM8.50
Terms and Conditons:
  1. Only For ABX Normal Air Shipment to West Malaysia (Not include tax services)
  2. Weight of the AWB must over 5kg
  3. Shipment must submit and paid within 2017-04-25 to 2017-05-15, shipment paid after 2017-05-15 will calculate back the dimension and use back the non-promotion shipping cost.
  4. One pcs of parcel cannot over 70KG or dimension over 140cm x 70cm x 70cm will have extra CNY120 handling charges
    单件如超过70KG或者体积超过140cm x 70cm x 70cm 我们将会收取格外 CNY120 特别处理费
  5. Askmebuy had the rights to amend this promotion
    Askmebuy 有权做此促销的最终解释权
Non-promotion Shipping Cost:
Promotion Shipping Cost:
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