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Centralized all shipping method into Guang Zhou warehouse 所有运输渠道集合在广州仓

News Date: 2017-06-29 23:00:00

Dear all ship on behalf customers,

To make our big sea shipment better services and minimize send wrong warehouse and need pay extra cost for intransit. Start from 2017-Jul-01, we will centralized all shipment method using one warehouse only. This mean air, small sea parcel or big sea parcel all handling by one warehouse (Guang Zhou Warehouse).
By handing at Guang Zhou warehouse, you able to have the actual photo and actual packed photo if send out by Big Sea shipment. This can let you more convenient to receive the parcel.
The receiver name code also will be make it simple which only one receiver code for all shipping method and all area (sabah,sarawak).
Please start send our parcel to below warehouse, which our Guang Zhou warehouse:
Inline image 4
Or you may visit here:
If you still have any parcel in foshan warehouse please arrange shipment immediately, we will stop the foshan warehouse after 2017-Jul-15, and change to Guang Zhou warehouse.
If you have some parcel in foshan warehouse or on the way to foshan warehouse, you need to clear the foshan warehouse stock and cannot combine with guang zhou warehouse parcel

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenient.


为了让大型海运的服务提升以及降低运送错误仓库而引起格外转运费,从2017年7月1号开始,我们统一一个仓库(广州仓)处理全部渠道,包过空运,海运小包裹,和大型海运 渠道。
无论你要走那一个渠道(空运,海运小包裹,还是大型海运,sabah,sarawak 等 只需要一个代号而已,方便使用)
Inline image 3
		Best Regards,
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