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Air Shipping Cost Reduction 空运费大幅调降

News Date: 2017-07-26 16:40:00

Dear all customers,

We had a good news share to you.
Now our air shipping cost have a great reduction, below is the adjustment notice:
1)    Malaysia Sensitive Air Shipment Cost Have Reduction;Previously 1KG need CNY38, Now only CNY27. 3KG Previous need CNY77, Now only CNY64.50, 6KG Previous need CNY129 Now only CNY126
2)    Malaysia East Malaysia Normal Air Shipment Cost Have Reduction;Previously 10KG need CNY280, Now only CNY275.
3)    Malaysia Include Tax Sensitive Shipment Cost Have Reduction;Add New East Malaysia Include Tax Services (If require East Malaysia Include Tax Services pls need ask us)
4)    Singapore Over 100KG Shipping Cost Have Reduction;
5)    Small Sea Parcel and Big Sea Shipment one pcs over 2.5meters or one pcs over 100KG, will have extra charges
6)    Taiwan and India Shipping Cost Increase a bit;

Please take note with thanks


我们的空运费有大幅调降, 以下是调整内容:

1)    马来西亚西马敏感价格大幅下调;之前 1KG 需要 CNY38, 现在只需要 CNY27. 之前 3KG 需要 CNY77, 现在只需要 CNY64.50, 之前 6KG 需要 CNY129 现在只需要 CNY126
2)    马来西亚东马价格调整;之前 10KG 需要 CNY280, 现在只需要 CNY275.
3)    马来西亚包税价格调整,新增东马包税渠道(如需要东马包税请联系我们);
4)    新加坡大货超过100KG价格大幅下调;
5)    海运小包、海运大货 如单件超过2.5米或单件重量超过100KG 会有格外收费
6)    台湾、印度价格上调;


		Best Regards,
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