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Server will have upgrade (Revised) 服务器将升级通知 (修正)

News Date: 2022-07-04 16:46:00

Dear all customers,

To increase the speed of server we will have a upgrade to server at 2022-Jul-05 9pm - 10pm.

During this period, website system will temporary no in services and estimate will resume afer 2022-Jul-05 10pm

Please take note and sorry for any inconvienet caused.


为了提高服务器的速度,我们将在 2022年07月05日 9pm - 10pm 升级服务器。

在此期间,网站系统将暂时停止服务,预计将在 2022年07月05日 晚上 10 点后恢复正常



		Best Regards,
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