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System New Features - Auto Submit Shipment 系统新功能 - 自动提交出货单

News Date: 2022-08-22 13:30:00

Dear all customers,

We had implement a new system features which you can inform system auto submit the shipment base on your order selected address once the order all parcels had arried our China warehouse which finish checking.

This can easier the task which you just submit the order and just wait the goods arrive yourside.

To let system know your order need auto submit the shipment, during submit new order you have to tick this box and select your prefer shipping method:
Automatics Submit Shipment

You also can cancel this auto submit features on your order by visit your order and click this:
Cancel auto submit shipment

Once all the parcels for your order had arrived our China warehouse and after we checking without any problem system will auto submit the shipment within 30 minutes by automatics.
一旦您订单的所有包裹都到达我们中国仓库并且我们已经检查没有任何问题后,系统将在 30 分钟内自动提交出货单。

We also had amend our mobile version home page to more user friendly.

Thanks for your keep support.


		Best Regards,
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