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Air/Sea Shipping Cost Reduction 空/海运费大降价

News Date: 2022-09-23 17:00:00




Price Drop


Dear all customers,

Good News!

The air and sea shipping cost had big reduction.

  1. Normal air shipping from China to Malaysia / Singapore had reduct CNY1.50 - CNY4.00 per KG, as low as CNY22.50/KG (MYR 14.90/KG) for VIP6/Rank5 above
  2. Normal or sensitive big sea from China to Malaysia had reduct CNY80 - CNY180 per CBM, as low as CNY550/CBM (RM364/CBM)
  3. Small sea parcel from China to West Malaysia had reduct CNY0.50 - CNY1.00 per KG, as low as CNY5.20/KG (RM3.44/KG)

New cost is applied to all new submit shipment start from now.

Newest shipping cost can refer here:

Please arrange your shipment well, we estimate around Nov the shipping cost may increase again for peak season.

Thanks again.




  1. 中国到马来西亚/新加坡的普通空运每KG降低CNY1.50-CNY4.00,VIP6/Rank5以上低至CNY22.50/KG(MYR 14.90/KG)
  2. 中国到马来西亚的大海运(普货或敏感货),每立方米降低了80-180元,低至550元/立方米(RM364/立方米)
  3. 中国到西马的海运小包,每KG减CNY0.50-CNY1.00,低至CNY5.20/KG(RM3.44/KG)



请安排好您的发货,我们估计在 11 月左右,运输成本可能会在旺季再次增加。


		Best Regards,
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