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Change shipping cost calculation notice 运费计算法升级通知

News Date: 2022-11-17 09:50:00

Dear all customers,

The Malaysian Customs has issued an announcement that the customs will strictly investigate the major import containers arriving at the port on November 21, which will increase taxes and will increase the price of the customs clearance fee.

In this fluctuation, most other agents will implement a price increase of RM50/75CNY per CBM. In order to repay our old and new customers for their support for us, the company decided to only increase the price by CNY50 per CBM.

The following updates the shipping rate calculation for shipping from now on

Big Sea Shipping China to West Malaysia Normal Shipment:
Shipping before price increase: CNY570/CBM
Shipping after price increase: CNY620/CBM

Change of freight calculation method for big sea shipping to Malaysia (West Malaysia or East Malaysia):
Upgrade from the previous calculation per 0.10cbm to 0.01cbm, which means that if your package volume is 1.12cbm

Calculation method before price increase: 1.2CBM x CNY620 = CNY744,
Calculation method after price increase: 1.12CBM x CNY620 = CNY694.40
As in the above example, you can save CNY49.60 for one shipment now

Because we adopt the new calculation method, we only charge CNY6.20 per 0.01CBM.

***Here comes the point: the new calculation method can almost offset the increase in the price of Malaysia Customs, benefiting from every customer who supports us***

Air freight also updated the new calculation method as follows:

At present, only the first weight and next weight are charged, that is, if your package exceeds 1KG, the air freight will be cheaper and more cost-effective than before, as follows:

The old algorithm ABX normal shipment 2KG air flight cost: 2KG X CNY30=CNY60
The new algorithm ABX normal shipment 2KG air flight cost: 1KG X CNY33+(1KG X CNY23.50) =CNY56.50 only

Good news: Sea freight to Singapore has been reduced, now only CNY520/cubic.

East Malaysia small sea parcel had increase cost CNY1-3/KG.

East Malaysia big sea had increase CNY150/CBM.

Due to the closure and control of the epidemic in Guangzhou, China, many express delivery systems have suspended collection and delivery, so many express packages cannot be delivered normally.
Fortunately, at present, both Shentong and EMS pos can normally receive and send parcels to our warehouse in China.
Customers who are shipping on behalf of them can notify the seller to send these two couriers.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

The old price of small sea parcel remains unchanged: the first weight is CNY15/KG, the additional weight is CNY5.20/kg.
The new pricing method for air freight has become more cost-effective. It used to charge CNY60 for 2KG, but now it only charges CNY56.50.
According to the new pricing method of 0.01CBM, the new Big Sea shipping cost is almost the same as before the price increase.
So you no need to worry the cost increase issues just send your goods to us.

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涨价前运费: CNY570/立方  
涨价后运费: CNY620/立方

从以前的每0.10立方计算升级为按0.01立方来计算,也就是说如果您的包裹体积是 1.12 立方,

涨价前计算法: 1.2立方 x CNY620 = CNY744,
涨价后计算法: 1.12立方 x CNY620 = CNY694.40 
如上述例子您现在运一次货可以节省 CNY49.60,





旧算法ABX普货2KG的包裹运价:2KG X CNY30=CNY60
新算法ABX普货2KG的包裹运价:1KG X CNY33+(1KG X CNY23.5) =CNY56.50


东马海运小包涨 CNY1-3 每KG.

东马大海运涨 CNY150 每立方.





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