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Covid-19 Lock Down GuangZhou warehouse 3days cannot send out shipment 广州封控管理,广州仓库3天暂停进出货

News Date: 2022-04-15 11:15:00

Dear all customers,

Bad news, due to the covid-19 at GuangZhou and some area had lock down, many courier company also start no delierying, for now we known is 中通 and 极兔

We will arrange 1 person at GuangZhou warehouse from 2022-04-15 (Friday) - 2022-04-17 (Sunday) for handling some simple request purpose.

Since vehicles cannot enter or leave the industrial zone, the send out shipment process cannot be carried out for the past 3 days.

We hope all will back to normal on next Monday 2022-04-18.

Anything we will inform again.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenient caused.



我们将在2022-04-15(星期五)- 2022-04-17(星期日)安排1人在广州仓库处理一些简单的工作。


我们希望下周一 2022-04-18 一切都会恢复正常。

任何我们都会再次通知的。 感谢和抱歉造成的任何不便。

		Best Regards,
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