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6% GST We Pay For You! 我们自行吸纳6%消费税

News Date: 2015-06-17 13:52:00


Are you worrying about 6% GST?

6% GST We Paid For You!

English Version:

AskMeBuy will provide self-absorbed the 6% GST activity for said thanks to our loyal customers.

This event will be proactive in responding to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said that it would absorb the 6% GST start from July 1st, 2015.

AskMeBuy will start the implementation of this activity from June 18th, 2015; start from June 18th, 2015 Submit NEW order or NEW shipment will not be charged 6% GST to customers, this 6% GST will absorb and pay by AskMeBuy.

This activity wills helping the customers was always worried about payment of 6% GST!

In market some of company said that will paid 6% GST for you but there are not provided the tax invoices which included 6% GST. It means this company is not willing to pay the 6% GST for you to our government.

In order to prove that we are paid the 6% GST for customers, we provided tax invoices to customer and good for company used for submit their tax report.

For customers have their own company, no longer have to worry about the tax reimbursement issue. It’s because AskMeBuy will provide all the purchase detail and can self print their own tax invoice (all the tax invoices can get it on our system)


AskMeBuy 从今年4月份开始征收消费税但依然还有很多顾客继续支持我们,为了感谢这些顾客们,AskMeBuy 做出了自行吸纳这6%消费税的活动。


AskMeBuy 会从2015年6月18日起开始实行这项活动,所有在2015年6月18日起【新】提交的订单和出货单都不会向顾客们收取6%消费税,这消费税将由 AskMeBuy 为您支付。




做生意的顾客们,你们再也不用担心报税报账问题,所有在 AskMeBuy 代购的顾客们都可以自行打印税务发票(订单税务发票和出货单税务发票)

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