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China Warehouse Off 2 days for QingMing, 中国仓库休息2天清明

News Date: 2018-03-21 22:03:00

Dear all customers,

China air courier company and Our China Warehouse will off duty for QingMing Festival at 05 Apr 2018 (Thursday) to 06 Apr 2018 (Friday).
These 2 days will not intransit from China to your destination, our warehouse will not process any shipment or receive any parcels and will back to work as usual at 07 Apr 2018 (Saturday)
07 Apr 2018 (Saturday) will resumes packing, receive parcel and send out the paid shipment.
Malaysia office will work as usual during these days.
During this period your goods may delay clearance from China customs.
To avoid any delay please arrange send out your shipment asap but not last day send out.
Please take note and apologize for any inconvenient cause to you.

We also add 2 more Free Coupons for April Fool and QingMing Holiday.
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中国航空公司和我们中国仓库会在清明节节日放假2天(2018年04月05日,星期四 以及 2018年04月06日,星期五)。

我们也新增了2张免费优惠卷:愚人节 和 清明节

		Best Regards,
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