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Customs strict checking on air shipment 海关严查空运包裹

News Date: 2018-07-02 10:41:00

Dear all customers,

We received news about customs is strict checking on air export goods start from yesterday.

Try no using air shipping services for send all the branded items, plant, fertilizer, chemical, bulk phones for this period. 

We recommend using small sea parcel for sending this kind of items. Using air sensitive shipment still have the chance check by customs. Once customs found this kind of items them will confiscate or fine and will not refund any cost to you.

We will announce again if have any change about this news. 

Please take note with thanks.




以下商品暂时不建议走空运出,如: 品牌商品,植物,肥料,含化学商品,批量手机。

我们建议你暂时以海运小包裹寄出以上商品。如使用了敏感空运也会有几率被海关查到。一旦查到将会充公或者罚款 并不会赔偿您任何损失。



		Best Regards,
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