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Shipping cost reduction,promotion and new features 运费下调,促销和新功能

News Date: 2019-09-17 17:16:00

Dear all customers,

Good news we had reduce the air shipping for West Malaysia and have promotion for Free Dimension Calculation.
Below are the adjustment and promotion detail:

  1. Few shipping method to West Malaysia air shipping cost had reduct (specially for normal goods and included tax services reduce from CNY0.50 - CNY2.00 per KG)
  2. Air East Malaysia transfer flight for ABX had been cancelled and Direct Flight cost had increase CNY0.50 - CNY1.00 per KG if weight over 6KG
  3. Singapore air shipping cost also had some reduction from CNY0.50 - CNY1.00 per KG
  4. Free dimension calculation for air shipping limit to 18KG strat from 2019-Sep-18 00:00:00 till 2019-Sep-29 23:59:59 submit new shipment
    (Promotion Free Dimension limit for air shipping to Malaysia (included West and East Malaysia) only for courier ABX, NinjiaVan, DHL, Skynet and Gdex)

Grab this promotion right now~

Our New features:

  1. Ship on behalf customer no need key in any tracking number, once your parcel arrived our China warehouse we will base on your ID print in parcel instock for you, so you cannot miss any parcel
    (require seller print your ID in parcel so we can base on your ID to submit the tracking detail in your account, examaple 邓美丽转XXXX, XXXX is your ID)

  2. While instock parcel, we will Free to give every parcel inside item photo to let you know what item in this parcel before you submit the shipment, we cannot guarantee every parcel will show this photo however we will keep practise to make the process smooth.
  3. Strengthener parcel option is available during submit new shipment
  4. Process shipment without asking other shipping method option is available during submit the shipment



  1. 部分到西马的空运渠道运费调低(特别是普货和包税服务的渠道,调低每KG降低CNY0.50 至CNY2.00 )
  2. 取消ABX空运到东马转机的渠道,ABX直飞空运到东马的运费从6KG起每KG会涨CNY0.50 - CNY1.00 每KG
  3. 新加坡空运费也调低CNY0.50 - CNY1.00 每KG
  4. 空运免18KG体积促销从2019年9月18日 0点 至 2019年9月29日 23点59分59秒 提交的新出货单
    (免体积促销只是针对马来西亚空运渠道(包过西马和东马)只限 ABX, NinjiaVan, DHL, Skynet and Gdex)



  1. 代运商不再需要输入快递资料,只要你的包裹到了我们中国仓库我们会跟着你的ID来自动输入该包裹入您的账号,这样你就不会遗漏任何包裹了。
    (您必需提醒卖家记得印你的ID在包裹上,这样我们就可以帮你自动加入在你的账号了,例子 邓美丽转XXXX, XXXX就是你的ID)

  2. 入仓时我们会免费提供该包裹内的商品图好让你提交出货单时知道是什么商品。这是免费的服务,我们不能保证全部包裹都会提供这些照片,但是我们会在保证处理顺畅时也可以免费提供这个新服务。
  3. 加固包装放入要求可以在提交出货单时勾选了。
  4. 如果您不要我们建议使用其他渠道寄出,在提交出货单时可以勾选这个选择,这样可以加快处理速度

		Best Regards,
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