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Implement https SSL Cert for 为askmebuy.com实施https SSL证书

News Date: 2018-10-11 17:23:00

Dear all customers,

To make all connections to more secure and safely to browse, we will implement https and install SSL cert to secure for all connections will encrypted in

We will start implement and install this SSL cert at today 2018-Oct-11 around 8pm thus our website will be have down time around today 8pm - 9pm.

After implement this SSL cert, you no need do anything however if you browse our website our system will automatics change the address from to
notice the new web address will have extra s after the http

To know more about the SSL cert you can visit here:

Please take note with thanks and sorry for any inconvenient.


为了让顾客们浏览 时更加安全可信,我们将会实施并安装 https SSL 证书以便浏览 时可以保证所有数据都加密的转送。

我们会在 2018年10月11日 大约晚上8点 实施和安装这个证书,因此我们的网站会暂定服务1小时,大约晚上8点 至 晚上9点。

实施安装这个SSL证书后,您不必修改任何东西,不过当您浏览我们的网站时,我们的系统也会自动的把网址换成: 会自动换成
您会注意到新的网址会多出1个 s 在http 后面



		Best Regards,
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