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2018 Double Eleven Our Working Hour Notice 双11我们工作时间通知

News Date: 2018-11-09 16:29:00

Dear all customers,

This year double eleven festival is at Sunday (2018-Nov-11) to make sure all the orders can follow up by this day, all employees of our company will carry out the job on that day.
Below is our company planning tasks on that day:

  1. Customer services will online that day from 09:00am - 15:00pm only, our customer services will be very busy on that day, so please be patient and if you have any question please ask before that day.
  2. Our China warehouse will no instock or collect the parcel on that day cause them need to help for ordering the stuff for you, however some warehouse staff will carry out the shipment packing task.
  3. All the type of the orders which no belongs to taobao / tmall / askmebuy will be process after double eleven festival.
  4. 2018-Nov-12 Monday, Our Malaysia customer services office will off one day for replacement Sunday, however our purchasing process still carry on on this day.
  5. To make sure our China warehouse have more free spaces, our company may be will adjust the 30 days Free storage to 15 days after 15 Nov 2018 (This will base on situation if implement will announce again)

Please try submit your double eleven orders asap, thanks and sorry for any inconvenient.



  1. 虽然是星期天,不过我们客服会在当天服务,从早上9点至下午3点而已。当天客服会非常忙碌,所以你需要耐心等候,如有疑问的最好双11前咨询好。
  2. 我们中国仓库当天不会签收包裹也不会入仓,这天大部分的仓库同事都会帮忙处理订单,有小部分仓库同事会处理出货单包装等工作。
  3. 所有不是淘宝或者天猫或者Askmebuy订单都会在双11后才处理。
  4. 2018-Nov-12 星期一 马来西亚客服办公室因星期日值班所以这天补休一天, 但是我们的采购依然会在这天进行。
  5. 为了让中国仓库有更多的空间可以存货,我们公司或许会在2018-Nov-15后把30天免费存仓期改为15天免费存仓期 (公司会以实际情况再做这个决定,如实行了会再次通知大家)


		Best Regards,
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