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Change Free warehouse storage period for heavy or big parcel 修改超重或超大型包裹的免费仓库期

News Date: 2020-07-28 16:58:00

Dear all,

To make the warehouse carry out more faster and have more free space to instock, start from 2020-Aug-01 we will change our free storage policy as below:

For the single tracking if the overall weight is 100KG or over 100KG we can give up to 7 days for free storage, after system will auto charges CNY10 per tracking per day.
One tracking less than 100KG still can enjoy 30days free storage.
For the parcel over 60days still no submit shipment or packed shipment over 30days still no pay we will destory without asking.

Please take note with thanks


为了加快仓库处理速度和有更多的存仓空间,从2020年8月1日 我们的存储费会更新如下:

一个单号总总重量少过100KG 的依然可以享有30天免费存仓期。
那些已经入仓了但是没有提交出货单的包裹超过60天 或者 包装好了出货单超过30天还不支付的,我们会直接做摧毁并不会再通知。


		Best Regards,
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