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DHL Shipping Method and ABX Back To Normal 恢复 DHL 渠道 , ABX 也正常了

News Date: 2021-08-18 16:24:00

Dear all customers,

Good news, DHL air shipping method had back to normal from today.

ABX HQ warehouse will be back to normal at next week too, for small sea parcel we will start send to KL HQ for faster the process start from next week Monday.

Thanks for your support


好消息,DHL 空运渠道已经恢复正常

ABX HQ 仓库下个星期也会恢复正常,海运小包将会在下个星期一后,开始送到KL 总仓库,这样处理速度将会更快速。


		Best Regards,
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