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2021 CNY long holiday was end, we are back to work now! 我们开工了 开工大吉!

News Date: 2021-02-19 09:00:00

Dear all customers,

Our longest Chinese New Year holiday has ended, today 2021-Feb-19 all of us are back to work.
Our China warehouse will start sending out the goods by air on 2021-Feb-21 (Coming Sunday).

We will start to proceed the paid order by sequence starting from today.
We need a few days to follow up your paid orders cause there have been a lot new orders was submitted and paid during the holiday.
However some of the sellers are still on holiday, some sellers will be back to work after 2020-Feb-26 (Next Week Friday) but almost back to work by today.
Don't worry about your order, if the seller is still unable to contact or cannot send out your goods in these few days, we will remark and inform you in your order.

We had added a new free coupon for celebrating the First Full Moon Festival.
You can free redeem at: https://askmebuy.com/en/page/coupon-redeem.html

Thanks for your support always, we will strengthen our service skills and improve our system features to make it more convenient.

Let us bring more success to your business and your life!







		Best Regards,
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