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All Shipping Cost Drop 所有运费大幅降价

News Date: 2021-03-17 18:30:00

Good News!

All the shipping cost to Malaysia and Singapore has reduced!

- To Malaysia air shipping cost drop CNY4 per KG
- To Malaysia big sea drop CNY160 and East Malaysia drop CNY300 per CBM, Small sea parcel drop CNY1.50 per KG
- To Malaysia by air as low as CNY22 or MYR14.19 per KG
- To Malaysia Big Sea as low as CNY640 or MYR412.90 per CBM

- To Singapore air shipping cost drop CNY3.50 per KG
- To Singapore big sea drop CNY110 per CBM, Small sea parcel drop CNY3.50 per KG
- To Singapore by air as low as CNY23 or MYR14.83 per KG
- To Singapore Big Sea as low as CNY640 or MYR412.90 per CBM

And the above air shipping cost is FREE up to 19KG dimension which most of the other agent only free 5kg - 10kg only.

We guarantee giving lowest cost and best services to all customers in current market!

If you aim for Raya goods, now is the best time buy and send!

Please take note the new prices will start use for all the shipments which still no finish pack after 2021-Mar-17 6:30pm only.

We also add a new free coupon, you may check at https://askmebuy.com/en/page/coupon-redeem.html

Thanks for your always support, let's us bring more success to your life and your business.



- 到马来西亚空运费每KG 降 CNY 4 元
- 到马来西亚大海运每立方降 CNY 160 元,东马每立方降 CNY 300 元,海运小包裹每KG降 CNY 1.50 元
- 空运到马来西亚最低从 CNY 22 元 或者 MYR 14.19 每KG
- 大海运到马来西亚最低从 CNY 640 元 或者 MYR 412.90 每立方

- 到新加坡空运每KG降 CNY 3.50 元
- 到新加坡大海运每立方降 CNY 110 元,海运小包裹每KG降 CNY 3.50 元
- 空运到新加坡最低从 CNY 23 元 或者 MYR 14.83 每KG
- 大海运到新加坡最低从 CNY 640 元 或者 MYR 412.90 每立方




请注意,仅在2021年03月17日 下午 6:30 pm之后,所有仍未包装好的出货单才开始使用此新运费。



		Best Regards,
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