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Anonymous: s***e
Date: 2019-01-13 01:30:02
Ship By
Tracking No.:3100031***
Packed Parcel Actual Photo:
Actual Photo
Date Sent Out : 2018-11-12
Receive Date : -
Parcel Delivery Speed :
Super Fast
Delivery Person Attitude :
Have Custom Tax or EDI : -
Our Warehouse Review:
Parcel Packing Quality :
Day Spend For Packing : 2 Day
Parcel Packing Speed :
Customer no give any review, system auto review as good rate
Order Number: O1541***** Seller: 高碑店市新城芳鑫箱包销售部
No. Picture Item Review Seller Packing Customer Uploaded Photo
1. Picture
Black Red (FILA) - 4pcs White Red (FILA) - 2 pcs
Day Spend For Order : 1 Days
Our Order Speed :
Seller Packing Quality: :
Item Quality: :
Seller Packing Photo
Customer no give any review, system auto review as good rate
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