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Malaysia ABX KL Hub Process Slow Notice 马来西亚ABX KL仓库处理缓慢通知

Tarikh Terkini: 2021-07-27 16:32:00

Dear customers,

We receive the update from agency regarding the ABX warehouse some of the ABX staff is quarantee cause covid-19 problem.

Currently KL ABX HQ hub is lack of person for scan and process the parcel, and them are working harder to employee staff to handle this.

For urgent case, we are recommend select other courier instead of ABX for currently.

For small sea parcel we are planning will send to Penang ABX Branch for help distribute however if your area at central or south of the Malaysia, your parcel will still back to KL HQ hub but north area customer will get the goods faster.

We will temporary carry out this process until ABX KL Hub back to normal.

Thanks for understanding and sorry for any incovenient caused.


我们收到代理们的通知,因ABX的仓库部分人员因有和Covid-19 病患接触而被要求隔离而导致人手较紧张。

目前 KL ABX 的仓库缺乏人手而导致扫描分栋缓慢,目前对方已在努力招聘兼职人员但恢复时间待定。


有关海运小包裹都由ABX派送,我们会计划转到Penang ABX 分行来帮忙扫描和分栋,不过如果您在马来西亚得中部或者南部,包裹还是会回到 KL总部 不过北部的客户会较快收到包裹。

我们将暂时执行此做法,直到 ABX KL Hub 恢复正常。


		Selamat Sejahtera,
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