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Covid tester cannot air shipping if no certificate, Singapore normal shipping cost will increase 无资质的新冠病毒测测试剂不能空运,新加坡普货涨价

Tarikh Terkini: 2021-09-06 17:59:00

Dear all customers,

The covid tester cannot send by air if without certificate of the tester.

Singapore normal shipping cost will increase CNY 1 per KG after 2021-09-07 (tomorrow)

Malaysia will always raining till this year end announce by our Bureau of Meteorology department, thus we recommend  you request us wrap by using film to avoid goods wet and spoil.

The wrapping is no free cause the material and man power is costing, you may ask our customer services for more detail.

Please arrange your shipment well, thanks



新加坡普货空运将在2021年09月07日(明日)后涨每KG CNY1。




		Selamat Sejahtera,
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