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Ship For Me System New Features - My Customer 代运系统新功能 - 我的客户

Tarikh Terkini: 2022-12-01 12:38:00

Dear all customers,

We know sometime ship for me customer may give his/her account to somebody to use so can hit up more level to earn more benefit.

Now with this features, you can easier know what parcel belong to which of your customers without remark in system.

This new features can get at ship for me system (named: My Customers):
My Customer

Every customer you add into your system will generate a unique ID for your customer so once parcel arrived our China warehouse we will auto put into your account and mark the parcel so you will know belong to who for example:
Parcel List

We believe with this features, you can easier expand your business which you can get more customers and earn from them, try became out ship for me agent if you havent apply.

Thanks for your support and we will keep improve our system features which easier your life.




这个新功能可以在 ship for me 系统上获取(名为:我的客户):

您添加到系统中的每个客户都会为您的客户生成一个唯一的 ID,因此一旦包裹到达我们的中国仓库,我们将自动将该包裹存入您的帐户并标记包裹,以便您知道属于谁的包裹,例如:




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