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We make the gunny bag more protect by double seal 我们通过双重密封使麻袋更具保护性

最新消息日期: 2023-02-10 11:07:00

Dear all customers,

Start from now, we will seal all gunny bag packing by using machine and thread and then seal 1 more time by using cable tie.

By doing this will increase our cost however we no increase any fees, we believe this is to protect customer receive the goods.

If you receive the gunny bag is no double seal with thread and cable tie, please check carefully before receive it.

Thanks and we will continue improve our services by bring you more convenient.

Seal gunny bag with machine

Seal gunny bag with cable tie


从现在开始,我们将使用机器和线密封所有麻袋包装,然后使用扎带再密封 1 次。




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