MYR1 转换至 CNY 代购 / 代运 兑换率: 1.48

Air Shipping Now Charges Every 0.5KG for More Precise Rate Experience! 西马空运服务现按每0.5公斤计费,更精准的费率体验!

最新消息日期: 2024-04-24 17:30:00

Dear all customers,

Good News!

To offer you greater flexibility and accuracy in shipping costs, we now calculate air shipping fees in 0.5KG increments, beginning at 0.5KG.

Start from now, all air shipping to West Malaysia will use this new calculation.

Below are the change

  1. All west Malaysia air shipping calculation now based on every half kilogram (0.5KG), starting at just 0.5KG, to better align with your shipping needs.
  2. Remove skynet and Gdex normal and sensitive shipment, however if need use can consider included tax services for Skynet and Gdex services
  3. VIP and RANK member amend which now discount for air is base on every 0.5KG instead of every 1KG, more detail can visit member level or ship for me page.

With this upgrade, you can enjoy as low as RM5.77 / 0.5KG by air shipping to West Malaysia doorstep services.

For e.g if you are VIP7 / Rank5 customer if you send 5.1KG the calculation like this.:
ceil(5.1KG / 0.5) = 11 x CNY9.00 = CNY99.00 / 1.48 (rate) =  MYR 66.89, after send out 5% rebate RM3.35, mean that shipment you only paid RM63.44
After 5KG, normal price for every 0.5KG is CNY9.50 - CNY0.50 (VIP 7 / RANK 5 user) = CNY9.00 -5% ( Rebate from every shipping) = CNY8.55 / 1.48 (Current rate) = RM5.77 only







  1. 所有发往西马的空运现在都基于每半公斤(0.5KG)计费,从0.5KG开始,更好地满足您的运输需求。
  2. 移除了对Skynet和Gdex的普通及敏感货物运输服务,但如果需要可以考虑包含税务服务的Skynet和Gdex服务。
  3. VIP和RANK会员级别修订,现在空运折扣基于每0.5KG而非每1KG计算,更多详情请访问会员级别页面或代运页面。


例如,如果您是VIP7 / Rank5的客户,运5.1KG的货物,计算方式如下:
ceil(5.1KG / 0.5) = 11 x CNY9.00 = CNY99.00 / 1.48(汇率)= MYR 66.89,发货后5%返利RM3.35,意味着该次发货您只需支付RM63.44。
超过5KG后,每0.5KG的正常价格为CNY9.50 - CNY0.50(VIP 7 / RANK 5用户)= CNY9.00 -5%(每次发货的返利)= CNY8.55 / 1.48(当前汇率)= RM5.77而已。


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