MYR1 转换至 CNY 代购 / 代运 兑换率: 1.48

Air shipping cost will increase 空运费将涨价

最新消息日期: 2023-10-20 10:19:00

Dear all customers,

Sorry to inform we just received the cost amendment notice from agency which will increase the air shipping cost CNY1-CNY1.50 per KG to Malaysia due to the flight cancellation and increase fuel charges issue.

We will try our best to reduce this increase, but we believe it will continue to increase in the future.

New price will affect all the unpaid air shipping shipment after today 2023-Oct-20 5pm.

Please arrange and paid your air shipping before today 5pm to avoid any increase cost issue.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenient.


非常抱歉,我们刚刚收到代理机构的费用修改通知,由于航班取消和燃油费增加的问题,每公斤飞往马来西亚的空运费用将增加 CNY1-CNY1.50 元。


新价格将影响 2023 年 10 月 20 日今天下午 5 点之后所有未付款的空运出货单。

请在今天下午 5 点之前安排并支付您的空运,以避免任何增加费用的问题。


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