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Our Purchase Flow

Our Purchase Flow
  1. 1. Place Order
  2. 2. Make Payment
  3. 3. Waiting Purchase
  4. 4. Submit Shipment
  5. 5. Receive Goods
The below tutorial is to show how to make order in
For tutorial of submit order at taobao or other website please look below link:
1) Register became our member
Go to register a new account and login as a member
Register became our member
Next Step
2) Add item into cart or direct buy now
Browse any item at our website, and click the Buy Now or Add To Cart
Add item into cart or direct buy now
Next Step
3) Check out your cart
You can check your cart by visit here: Click the submit order if everything is correct.
Check out your cart
Go to next step 2. Make Payment
  • We are register company.
  • We insure every trade.
  • We give you best sales.
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