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Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Question - Common questions
  1. What is purchase on behalf?
    Answer: Purchase on behalf is to help you to purchase any item from your requirement without you to pay the seller, communicate to seller and arrange the item.
  2. Why need purchase on behalf?
    Answer: The are many reason which are busy, hard to communicate, hard to transfer money oversea, expensive shipping cost. Some other reason which hard to get this item here, here the item too expensive or oversea goods more fashion
  3. How to ask for purchase on behalf?
    Answer: The process is no much hard, just click your desired item, buy now or add to cart and check out. More detail of using this system had provided at:
  4. When can I receive the items after I paid the order?
    Answer: Normally you can receive the items around 7 - 10 business days after you paid the order.
  5. What should I do after I paid the order?
    Answer: You need always check your email. Every order if our purchase team had found any out of stock, option is incorrect, or any problem, system will auto send you the email for asking you to reply. Once any of the seller of any order arrived our China warehouse you can submit the shipment to us for carry out the packing process.
  6. Where is your China warehouse location and when should arrived our China warehouse after payment?
    Answer: Our China warehouse is at Guang Zhou city. If the seller is at Guang Zhou, normally today send out the goods tomorrow will arrive our warehouse. If the seller is far away from Guang Zhou, like Shang Hai, then need 3-4 days arrive our warehouse, if Beijing then will be around 4-5days. The above day is estimate only, to save your china courier cost and time we highly recommended you select the seller which near to Guang Zhou city.
  7. After i paid the shipment, will you send on the same day?
    Answer: Normally our warehouse will everyday send out the goods, except Saturday and Public Holiday. Our driver will send out the goods around 4:30pm. You should pay your shipment early to prevent delay shipment.
  8. Ship by sea is cheaper than air freight?
    Answer: If your goods dimension is large or ur goods weight is heavy, then ship by sea is absolute cheap by air. We highly recommended you using the air shipping for more faster and more safe.
  9. The item is direct send to my destination or i need to pick up at some where?
    Answer: All the air and sea shipping will send to your destination by local courier or logistic agent.
  10. Can I combine more than one order to ship together for saving the shipping cost?
    Answer: Yes you can, once all of the item on the order reached our warehouse, our system will inform you and request to creeate the shipment to us. you can select all arrived warehouse parcel combine into one shipment.
  11. What is consider sensitive item and why is consider sensitive item?
    Answer: Sensitive goods are food, health products, weight loss product, medical products and medicines, essential oil, edible oil, cosmetics, liquid, pen with liquid, powder, cream, CDs, Bra with liquid or sand material, handphone. walkie-talkie, tablet, laptop, bluetooh, infrared, watches, batteries, power bank, magnetic, electric pump, air pump, capacitance, electronic components, chemicals, sex toys, sharp items such knife and so on. These item is consider as sensitive item was set by government import policy.
  12. If want try sensitive item send by normal shipment, can i?
    Answer: Absolutely cannot, if any sensitive item send by normal shipment found by custom you may fine by them and hold your item either destory or send back to our china warehouse. Your name may be black listed in custom and of course the shipment cost you paid will no return.
Account Management - Registration and activation
  1. How to register?
    Answer: Your can click the below link for register.
  2. What is Captcha?
    Answer: Is a program or system intended to distinguish human from machine input, typically as a way of thwarting spam and automated extraction of data from websites.
  3. Why system always said incorrect captcha?
    Answer: You must see carefully the words appear in the screen and key in carefully, if the words is unclear you can refresh it.
Account Management - Login account
  1. How to login my account?
    Answer: The login link is locate at the top of the screen or you may login by click the below link.
  2. Why I cannot login?
    Answer: If your email or password is enter incorrect, you login will fail, make sure you enter correctly. If you forget the password you may reset it by click the below link.
  3. Why i still cannot login after reset the password?
    Answer: If you had tried 3 times fail login, system will request you enter the captcha. You have to refresh the login page after you reset the password.
Account Management - My receiver address
  1. Where can save my receiver address?
    Answer: You may browse, add, edit, delete the receiver address in your account or you can click the below link.
  2. Can I enter more address?
    Answer: Yes, you can enter more receiver address, system will save for you.
  3. Why I need enter receiver address?
    Answer: You have to any at less one receiver address before submit order. Receiver address will be saved into your order detail.
Account Management - Make payment
  1. How can I make payment?
    Answer: Our bank information will show after you click top up. After you transfer the amount to us, you have to submit top up request, once we approve your top up, you should notice your account balance will increase. On that time you have to use your balance to pay the order or shipment.
  2. How askmebuy know I am transferred?
    Answer: Every customer once transfer success, them have to submit top up request in their account, this telling us you had transfer to us already.
  3. I saw the top up, what is top up mean?
    Answer: Top up is mean increase your account balance amount in askmebuy. Once you click the top up you can see our bank information, after you had success transfer the amount to our account, you need to submit the top up request.
  4. How to submit the top up request?
    Answer: You can mouse over the top of the screen "My Account", and you will see the "Top Up", press that to submit the top up request. you can click here to submit too: 【Top Up】. To submit the top up request, you need login to your account.
  5. How long my top up can approve?
    Answer: On working day, we will approve your top up normally less than 2 hours, for holiday we will approve your top up no more than 24 hours after you submit top up request.
  6. Why after 24 hours my top up still no approve?
    Answer: If you using Interbanking GIRO transfer, bank will no deposit your transferred amount to our bank account on same time, we only can wait your amount deposited into our bank account so we can help to approve that top up request on that time.
  7. Should i email or let you know the transfer is done beside submit the top up request?
    Answer: You may but normally we will know by checking our top up list.
  8. Should i keep the bank resit or bank slip after bank in?
    Answer: Yes, you have to keep the bank resit or bank slip for investigate if necessary.
Account Management - Account balance
  1. Where can see balance in my account?
    Answer: On the top of the screen you can see my account, click that to view your account detail or you can click the below link.
  2. Can I know my balance history transaction?
    Answer: Yes, you can know at your balance page, all the balance transaction detail is recorded well for checking and referring purpose.
Account Management - Withdraw process
  1. Where can I withdraw my balance to my bank?
    Answer: You can found the withdraw beside your balance, click that and follow the screen to submit withdraw request.
  2. Why after I click the withdraw, system no allow to withdraw?
    Answer: For withdraw you have to follow the terms and condition, you can view withdraw policy at below link.
Account Management - Transaction history
  1. Where can see overall transaction history?
    Answer: On the top of the screen you can see my account, mouse over that sentences you can see my transaction list, click that to view your account transaction list or you can click the below link.
  2. What is the difference between balance transaction list with this transaction list?
    Answer: Balance transfer list will record everytime system amend to your balance and the balance transaction amount will not update again. Balance transaction list is similar to bank transaction list. Transaction history will record every type of transaction, if the order amount had amend, the transaction amount will be updated as well and the balance transaction list will add new transaction.
Order Management - Create new order
  1. How to I submit a new order?
    Answer: You may refer our purchase flow or you can click the below link.
  2. Can I submit a taobao or tmall order?
    Answer: Yes you may, our company had implement a powerful system, we no provide any quotation by manually already. For / item you can click below link to submit order, you just need to fill in item address and qty, the system will auto quote you and display the item detail to you automatics.
  3. Can I submit alibaba or other china website for order?
    Answer: Yes you may, for alibaba or other china website you can submit the link at below.
  4. Can I submit meal package item in taobao?
    Answer: Yes you may, submit the bundle item is easier, you had to submit the one of the item belongs to this bundle item after system get the information, you can adjust the price and remark the bundle item link (meal link) into remark, also remark the color for other item if got any option.
  5. Can I customize order with some photo?
    Answer: Yes, some order require some artwork or photo, you may remark the link after you upload the photo or artwork into other website like below link.
  6. Can I change the order delivery address?
    Answer: No, you can't amend the order detail, however you can amend the address while you submit the shipment, we base on shipment address to delivery.
  7. Can I cancel some item in the order?
    Answer: Yes, if your order haven't follow up you may request cancel, if your order had paid and you want cancel all the item in this order, extra services charges will apply.
Order Management - Order status
  1. How to know my order is follow up?
    Answer: We only follow up the paid order. You may notice the every order had the status, after the payment your order status is Waiting Purchase. Once we followed up your order status will became Intransit To Warehouse. After we follow up, every seller on that order will show the china parcel number which you can click on that to track your china parcel courier status.
  2. How do I know the seller has sent out my parcel to China warehouse?
    Answer: Every seller once we follow up we will mark in your order which you can see the parcel status is W, I, A, or S. If your parcel is "W" mean waiting seller send out, if "I" mean already send out but haven't reach our China warehouse. For more detail about this parcel status, you can refer to our purchase flow which at below link.
  3. Can I track the seller parcel before arrive China warehouse?
    Answer: Yes you can, every parcel once sent out from seller can self tracking the parcel delivery status in your order.
  4. How long the parcel will arrive our China warehouse after seller sent out?
    Answer: If the seller near to GuangDong, need 1-2 days, if near Shanghai need 4-5 days, if near Beijing need 6-7 days, the day of delivey is depend on the seller location and speed, our China warehouse was located at GuangDong GuangZhou city.
  5. Why my parcel status no update and I cannot track any detail?
    Answer: If the parcel already sent out from seller and still no reach to our China warehouse within 7 days, you may request our help for checking the problem.
  6. Why my order had some amendment of the amount but my balance still no update?
    Answer: Every hour system will recalculate the amended order and adjust your balance, this mean you have to wait next hour so your balance will be updated.
  7. Can I know my parcel is arrived warehouse?
    Answer: Yes, our system everyday will summary the arrived warehouse parcel and no arrive parcel detail by email if you have subscribe the notification.
Shipment Management - Submit new shipment
  1. When should I submit shipment?
    Answer: Once your parcel arrived our China warehouse, you able to submit the shipment. We base on the shipment detail to carry out the packing process.
  2. Can I wait all the parcel arrive and submit into one shipment at same time?
    Answer: Yes you can, be sure the arrival China warehouse parcel no over 30 days else extra charges will apply.
  3. Can I keep the arrive parcel more than 30 days?
    Answer: Yes you can, but you will have to pay the storage charges and after sales will automatics closed if over 20 days after arrived to our China warehouse.
  4. Where can I see my arrived parcel status and submit shipment?
    Answer: Every order will have yellow button which can show your arrived warehouse parcel or you may click below link.
  5. Why some parcel arrived China warehouse but no weight display?
    Answer: If the parcel is at sea warehouse we no provide the weight, if the parcel at air warehouse you may ask our help to check whether the seller send wrong address or may our China warehouse staff missing scan the weight.
  6. How long my submitted shipment will finish packing?
    Answer: Normally need 1 day or less than 1 days to finish pack the submitted shipment. Every Sunday our China warehouse will off, so no packing and send out for this day.
Shipment Management - Weight or dimension
  1. Why air shipping need based on weight or dimension?
    Answer: Air courier company will base on weight and dimension to calculate the air shipping cost this is cause air plane space is limitted, them will lose if only calculate the weight. For example if one customer send a lot of soft toy with the weight 1000kg and filled all the space in the air plane, if only charges by weight, the profit of the shipping cost that customer paid still no enough for the fuel of the air plane.
  2. In what condition air shipping will charges by dimension?
    Answer: Air courier company will have the formula to calculate dimension, we need compare the value of weight and dimension which one is higher, then we use that value to calculate the air shipping cost. For more detail you may refer our shipping cost page at below link.
Shipment Management - Repacking request and checking request
  1. What is repacking request and checking request while I submit the shipment?
    Answer: Repack mean throw away the seller packing box to save the weight and dimension, checking request is to check every pcs of your item, our warehouse staff will take the photo and upload into your shipment. If the checking no problem you may pay the shipment by yourself.
  2. Can I request repack without checking request?
    Answer: Yes, you able to do, this 2 type of services is difference.
  3. Is it repack and checking services free?
    Answer: Repack is free but checking is base on quantity to charges.
  4. Can I know the parcel dimension size before submit shipment?
    Answer: I am sorry, we no measure every parcel dimension for you, but... Our weight machine size is 50cm x 40cm, you may consider need repack or not..
  5. Can I request repack after packed the shipment?
    Answer: Yes you able to request but amend the packed shipment, we will charges you the amendment fees for every AWB RM10.
Shipment Management - Tracking problem
  1. Why my paid shipment in this morning but still haven't send out yet?
    Answer: We will send out the paid shipment in every night except every Saturday or public holiday.
  2. Why I cannot track the tracking number in local courier company after sent out?
    Answer: This is normal case, cause after air courier company pass the goods to China Customs, China customs will check your goods, if no problem then will arrange flight to destination, once arrived destination airport, local custom also will check your goods.Local custom will base on your previous declaration detail to check. If all no problem, local custom will release your goods. The above step is smooth, 1-2 working days can release from Custom Malaysia, if slow will need 3-5 working day or more. Once local custom release, our local courier services will pick up, on this time u able to check in thier website for update. So the delivery will be arrange to your destination by our local courier services..
  3. How long will the local courier company delivery goods to me?
    Answer: Normally after local custom release the goods, local courier services will delivery to you on next 1 - 2 working day. However if your location is out-of-the-way of city, delivery may be delaying.
  4. Can I contact local courier company?
    Answer: Yes, you may contact yourself, the contact detail can be found in courier company website as well.
After Sales - Request after sales
  1. Can I return the goods to seller if the goods received is not well condition?
    Answer: Yes, you may but you have to bear the air shipping cost to China seller, as China seller only bear the cost in china local courier services only.
  2. How do I let askmebuy know my goods got problem?
    Answer: You have to report the problem in your order base on the seller and item which is no well condition. The system only can accept the report problem if your item is no over 20 days after arrived our China warehouse
  3. Did askmebuy charges any services fees for after sales?
    Answer: We are free to giving after sales services, but if require any extra charges from third party, the charges is need bear by you.
  4. Can I email the problem to askmebuy?
    Answer: We are sorry, all the after sales must only report in your order to activate this services.
  5. How about my item got warranty from China seller and I cannot report over 20 days?
    Answer: For this case, you may email to us and describe your item is under warranty and we will asists you to solve your problem by email.
Customer Benefit - Bonus point
  1. What is bonus point mean?
    Answer: Bonus point is the value which you spend in askmebuy by completed the order yourself. Bonus point can redeem into cash voucher.
  2. Why I had a lot of completed order but my bonus point still zero?
    Answer: The bonus point will only given if you complete the order by yourself, once all of them item belongs to that order had finish sent out from our China warehouse, system will give you 20 days to complete that order. Failing to complete the order in 20 days after sent out, system will auto completed and no bonus point will given.
  3. Can bonus point by transfer to another account?
    Answer: No, bonus point cannot transfer.
  4. Will my bonus point expire?
    Answer: No, the bonus point will no expire.
Customer Benefit - Member level
  1. What is member level?
    Answer: Every customer once register will became our VIP level 1, we have VIP rank from 1 to 7. Higher rank will have better benefit, the benefit can found at below link.
  2. Is the bonus point relate to the member level?
    Answer: Yes, the higher rank of the member level will gain more bonus point. System will only level up your account base on your accumulate spend amount but not the bonus point.
  3. Will my member level drop if I redeem my bonus point?
    Answer: No, the member level is the accumulation of the order amount, the bonus point is extra value to redeem cash, both value is no the same type.
  4. Will my member level drop if I no place the order frequently?
    Answer: No, the member level will remain same and will no drop.
Customer Benefit - Coupon redeem
  1. What is coupon redeem?
    Answer: We will launch new coupon time to time. Every coupon will have difference condition and special discount to your order or shipment. The coupon list can found at below link.
  2. Why I cannot redeem the coupon?
    Answer: May be the coupon still not available or your condition is no meet to redeem that coupon
  3. Where can I use the coupon?
    Answer: Difference coupon will have different condition, if the coupon is for order coupon, you only can use once you just submit a new order
  4. Can coupon be transfer?
    Answer: No, the coupon cannot transfer.
  5. Can coupon reuse?
    Answer: No, every coupon only can use one time.
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