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Customs Tax

  1. Customs have the rights to on hold any parcel or shipment for checking base on the commercial declaration invoice.
  2. Once your parcel is on hold by customs, normally at less 3 working days will be release depend on customs decision.
  3. On hold shipment may have minimum EDI fees, EDI is the fees for local courier services take out your parcel from customs office.
  4. Malaysia EDI fees will be RM 53, Singapore is SGD 70.
  5. Air courier does not include the tax, if your good is taxed by customs, our courier agent to inform you and him will charge you the tax amount when the parcel is delivery to your destination.
  6. If you had contacted by the courier agent about the tax, please inform to us immediately. We will check and confirm to you is that really in the tax or not.
  7. We no 100 percent guarantee all the goods will not be tax, but 99 percent of our parcel is without the tax.
We had launch new shipping services which include customs tax and EDI fees. This shipping method will have difference charges, you may try check in our shipping cost page. Our Shipping Cost
Please contact us immediately if you contact by somebody to claim the tax. We will help you to clarify the tax is true or not.
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