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Why Choosing Us

Compare Detail Askmebuy Website Other Website Or Agent
1. Company Size Good We are company which registered in SSM government, credibility and insure every trade No Good Many is part time agent, no company, no capital and will suddenly disappear
2. Purchase Cost Good We give best rate and price in this market, low services charges, no hidden charges, we also have many member privilege No Good Expensive rate, high services fees, many hidden cost, no member privilege
3. Company System Good Online ordering system which can check your account in any where and any time. All computerized system record every transaction, less problem, more efficiently No Good Excel or email ordering cause many problem, slow response, need human quotation, all no systemantic, hard to handle many orders
4. Payment Cost Good All payment bank in into our company bank account, using your account balance pay any order and shipment. Easier your life which no need always bank in No Good Bank in into personal bank account, no secure, and always ask you bank in if your amount no enough for order or shipment.
5. Payment Method Good We accept local bank, paypal, all credit card, alipay payment. Oversea customer can purchase at our website No Good Almost agent no accept credit card and paypal, oversea customer no acceptable
6. System Performance Good We had expert IT which can solve the system error or problem immediately, provide you better environment to use and always keep improving No Good System no user friendly, lack of IT support, slow problem fixing, no improvement, cant accept any system suggestion
7. System Server Good We using dedicated server, full speed of the server providing you the fastest browsing experience, no more waiting No Good Using share server, server always down, slow response and website may disappear in anytime
8. Our Services Good We always keep smile to every customer, every order and shipment will be follow up in 24 hours, our customer services online everyday more than 10 hours No Good No always online, once have problem them will give u many excuse which no help you settle, delay order or delay shipment, hard to communicate
9. Our Team Good We are experience team which have different department to carry out your request, we know your requirement for every order and will suggest you if neccessary No Good One man standing, hard to control all process, no time and experience, will no suggest you once having any problem
10. Our History Good We had run this business since 2008 until now. Our rich experience will help you solve any problem No Good Just start this business, lack of resources and experience may delay and cannot solve your problem immediately
No just have the 10 points to saying why we are good, we will prove to your we are the best in this market
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Our slogan: Insure Every Trade
  • We are register company.
  • We insure every trade.
  • We give you best sales.
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