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Bonus Point

After sent out, our system will automatics send you an email to request you complete the order in next 5 days
Every order after complete will have a special rate of bonus to you
Gain bonus can redeem into cash voucher
To complete your order, you order must in the status: Intransit To Destination
View your order in order list to complete your order:
You need to complete your order by yourself to get the bonus points, system will auto complete the order after 20 days for air shipping and 40 days for sea shipping
If the system auto complete the order, no any points will be given
Click here to view more information about the bonus point policy Bonus Point Policy

What the bonus point can do?

Gain bonus can redeem into cash voucher
For redeem cash voucher, you may visit our cash voucher page at:
  • We are register company.
  • We insure every trade.
  • We give you best sales.
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