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Policy & Terms

In order for every customer can have a safe and delight shopping experience here, we have listed down our terms and conditions here. Please keep in mind that once you are browing whichever pages of this website, means that you have agreed and will obey all our terms and conditions. We are also suggest you to read our Privacy Policy carefully.

Ordering Policy

  1. If the items already out of stock or stop production, we 100% return back all the fees you had made.
  2. We not accept any reason for returning money to you after the payment was made except the point number 1 as mentioned above.
  3. Certain Pre Order items are not allowed to choose the color or style of the item. You may make note in the order form for your preferred color or style, we will try to arrange for you while stock last. If your desire color or style is out of stock, we will randomly distribute for you without further notice.
  4. You should take note on the product detail description and the product picture especially the color and measurment before you place order.
  5. Please be note different computer will give you different color on the photo. This is cause by different display settings, please understand this.
  6. Most pictures on this website are provided by the supplier, there may be a slight difference from the actual product. If you have very high expectation on the item you going to purchase, please make inquiry to us.
  7. Our purchase team only will follow up those paid order, the unpaid order may auto cancel by system if pending over 3 days.
  8. After payment to your order, we will follow up in 24 working hours.
  9. Any amendment of your order, our system will send you an email, you need always check your email include in your spam or junk box and reply to us so we can continues follow up your problem order.
  10. To faster our purchase speed, if the order item price is different less than RM3(which is RMB5) OR if the courier cost is no more than RMB12 or RM6 we will amend the price and place the order directly instead asking your permission again.
  11. If the seller cannot contact and no send out the goods after 3 days, you may cancel it.
  12. Some of the item need wait more than 3 days to finish or restock, for this item you need wait until seller send out as them promised.
  13. If the order had paid and buyer want to cancel, we will charges the services fees 10 percent or minimum RM10.
  14. Cancelled order cannot be remove, if you had make too much of cancalled order, penalty services charges may apply to you or we may cancel your account.
  15. All the order amount will be rounding up to the next number, system will auto rounding without any decimal amount, for example 10.01 will be round to 11.00.
  16. Any surrender of the item in that order, the order will be auto complete.
  17. If the order need send to China local address, before you pay the order you must inform us else all the parcel will reach our China warehouse.
  18. All the items arrived our China warehouse cannot delivery to other local China destination. Except the order which had remark the china address during submit the order.
  19. Any order which paid after 3pm working day, we will follow up on next working day.

Warehouse Storage Policy

  1. We give 15 days free storage space services for every parcel which arrived our China warehouse. If you not submit shipment within one month, everyday system will auto charges CNY1 for 1 arrived parcel.
  2. If the arrived parcel not submit the shipment after 60 days (2 months), we will give up custody and destory the parcel.
  3. If the parcel is missing in our warehouse we will compenstate base on item cost but no more than RM150.

Checking Goods Policy

  1. The checking process only cheking the items is correct quantity, correct size with color and the surface is in good condition
  2. The checking is base on item quantity to charges, this services is no free and is optional
  3. System will charges CNY 2 for every quantity checking fees
  4. Every checking will take the item photo and show in your shipment
  5. We will not auto pay the shipment if you request checking, the shipment must pay by yourself after u confirm the checking
  6. We cannot guarantee the checking is prefect, but we will do our best
  7. Once you confirm the checking payment is mean you had accept the checking is no problem and we cannot guarantee the item photo may be little difference once you receive the goods

Shipment Policy

  1. Once all of the item in order is reached our warehouse, our system will automatics send an email for request buyer create the shipment to us.
  2. Our warehouse staff will base on your shipment detail to pack and arrange your parcel.
  3. If you submit the shipment after 2pm, our warehouse may give you the shipment cost in next day or if possible by today.
  4. All shipment is follow by sequence to carrying the packing process, to make sure all the packing is pack well, warehouse staff need some time to pack every shipment.
  5. Submitted shipment is no allow to cancel, please careful once submitting the shipment.
  6. All shipment address must enter full including your city, state and country. If the address is uncomplete we will no bear any missing or risk after sent out from our warehouse.
  7. If you not request checking we cannot make sure the quantity and the item is correct, the declaration information is auto pulling from order detail without checking.
  8. The declaration information need fill up during buyer create the shipment is for the purpose create the commercial invoice for customs clearance.
  9. You can change the declaration item amount or quantity but air courier company will base on declared amount and qty to compensate.
  10. You must declare the correct item and amount, if any fake declaration we will not do any responsible if confiscated.
  11. You must declare the shipment is need use either sensitive shipment or normal shipment, any wrong declaration may compensate by China or Malaysia customs and we no bear any risk.
  12. Sometime your order we missing mark is sensitive item. While submit the shipment you must know is sensitive item and have submit into sensitive shipment. Anything you no sure is sensitive item or not you may refer our FAQ or inquiry us.
  13. All the shipment after packed must paid the shipping cost within 10 days, after 10 days system will auto charges you CNY 2 per Airway Bill per day.
  14. All the shipment after packed if no pay in 30 days we will mark as you had surrender to this shipment, all the goods will be destory and your account may be blocked or charges RM10 fees.
  15. To prevent any delay of your shipment once we finished pack, if your balance is enough, we will automatics using your balance to pay the shipment.
  16. All of the packing material such as AWB, Flyer Plastics Bag, Box, Paper of Invoice, Sticker and Ink are our warehouse costing. To prevent waste this material we no accept to amend shipment after pack. If you still want to amend, we will charges CNY 10 per Air Way Bill.
  17. Please be noted that every flyer, awb, paper, box, sticker have weight also, you should consider this material is our company costing and have weight. Minimum packing material weight is 0.04kg
  18. We provide FREE repack services to reduce weight or dimension but we no responsible any item missing if the repack request is submitted
  19. We can help you check your goods once your submit the shipment and request the checking in your shipment, checking the goods will charges you CNY 2 per quantity, we will give you image after we checked. The photo can be found in your shipment.
  20. We give 15 days free storage space services for every parcel which arrived our China warehouse. If you have not submit shipment within one month, we will charges CNY 1 china per parcel per day.
  21. For air shipping, the cost is calculate by weight or by dimension The weight is calculate by total net weight (include box) if the net weight is 5.01kg, we will charges you 6kg cost. If the dimension of the goods it too big, we will base on the dimension to calculate the air shipping cost. For e.g. If the parcel is 5kg but the dimension is 50cm*40cm*20cm, then we will calculate the dimension cost by air shipping formula which [height(cm)*width(cm)*length(cm)]/6000, if is DHL is /5000.
    For above example the dimension cost is 50*40*20/6000 which is 6.6666 and we calculate as 7kg instead of 5kg.
  22. Shipping cost and terms should visit here: Shipping Cost
  23. Compenstate policy should visit here: Compensate Policy
  24. Every working day we will send out the paid shipment around 4:30pm, if you want send out your shipment at same day, you have to pay the shipment before that time.
  25. Any air shipment which paid after 4:30pm, we will send out on next working day.
  26. Different shipment ref no cannot combine for share the shipping cost, each shipment have the individual shipping cost which need pay by customer.

Ship on behalf Policy

  1. All ship on behalf agent need register and fill up your correct IC number, Name and your contact number.
  2. You must declare the correct item and amount, if any fake declaration we will not do any responsible if confiscated.
  3. You cannot ask the seller use freight collect parcel delivery services, if you want use freight collect parcel please let us know before the seller send out. Every freight collect parcel we will charges more 5 percent service charges on the delivery cost and every parcel we will charges more CNY ¥5 services fees.
  4. We give 15 days free storage space services for every parcel which arrived our China warehouse. If you have not submit shipment within one month, we will charges CNY ¥1 china per parcel per day.
  5. All the shipment after packed must paid the shipping cost within 10 days, after 10 days we will charges you CNY ¥2 per Airway Bill per day.
  6. All of the packing material such as AWB, Flyer Plastics Bag, Box, Paper of Invoice, Sticker and Ink are our warehouse costing. To prevent waste this material we no accept to amend shipment after pack. If you still want to amend, we will charges CNY ¥10 per Air Way Bill.
  7. We provide FREE repack services to reduce weight or dimension but we no responsible any item missing if the repack request is submitted.
  8. If you not request checking we cannot make sure the quantity and the item is correct.
  9. All the items arrived our China warehouse cannot delivery to other local China destination.
  10. We cannot help to send the white podwer goods or similar to drug items.
  11. Our company is just an agent to help you send out your goods, any missing item or taxed we are no responsible for ship on behalf services.
  12. You had to agree our shipment policy which show at here: Shipment Policy
  13. Compenstate policy should visit here: Compensate Policy

Payment Policy

You may transfer the amount to us by Manual Fund Transfer or Online Bank In.
  1. You should make 2 times payment which the first time for buying the item and second time is after we give u weight of the goods and before ship from China warehouse to your destination.
  2. After Payment, buyers need login to his/her account to request top up.
  3. Every top up will approve or reject base on your top up request is valid or not and will send you the result in 24 working hours by email.
  4. Every top up need to fill in the date and the time which you succeed transfer the money to your bank, either wise we will have the right to reject the top up.
  5. For the customer which no transfer the money but submit the top up we will give warning and if still doing same thing we will cancel the membership account without any notice.
  6. Transfer from paypal, we will charges the 5 percent of the total amount or minimum RM 10 services charges.
  7. Be noted: Order address and shipment address for paypal topup must same to below delivery address, else we will no proceed. For virtual item cannot top up by Paypal, sorry for any inconvenience
  8. Paypal and Askmebuy will charges RM4 for refund if the Paypal delivery address cannot match to order and shipment, all Paypal topup must cannot delivery to China address.
  9. We are recommended keep the transaction slip as the reference purpose, sometime we need you to provide this slip as the prove.
  10. After your top up is approve, you need use your balance to pay the order or shipment cost.

Customs Tax Policy

  1. Customs have the rights to on hold any parcel or shipment for checking base on the commercial declaration invoice.
  2. Once your parcel is on hold by customs, normally at less 3 working days will be release depend on customs decision.
  3. On hold shipment may have minimum EDI fees, EDI is the fees for local courier services take out your parcel from customs office.
  4. Air courier does not include the tax, if your good is taxed by customs, our courier agent to inform you and him will charge you the tax amount when the parcel is delivery to your destination.
  5. If you had contacted by the courier agent about the tax, please inform to us immediately. We will check and confirm to you is that really in the tax or not.
  6. We no 100 percent guarantee all the goods will not be tax, but 99 percent of our parcel is without the tax.

Delivery Policy

  1. Once the order is paid, we will follow up your order by communicate to the seller and order to them base on your requirement.
  2. The seller may delay your order delivery without prior notice due to technical or resources problem. For urgent order, please make note in your order form so we can do our best to carry out a special arrangement for you.
  3. If happens that your ordered item is out of stock, we will try our best to contact you before sending out the parcel. However under certain conditions, we may refund to you directly without prior notice.
  4. We might reserves the rights to decide the cheapest and most effective courier company based on your location and the weight of your goods. Please make a remark in your order form if certain delivery company will not reach to your location.
  5. The shipping fees from China warehouse to any destination will base on the destination and the weight or dimension of the goods.
  6. The estimate day to arrive the goods to your door step by air shipping is around 4-7 working days in Penisular Malaysia and 5-8 days for Sabah and Sarawak. For other country will have different estimate day.
  7. Once we have deliver the goods, you can based on the shipping / tracking number that we provided, and you can track and trace for your goods anytime. If your goods is not receive after the estimate day please contact the courier company directly.
  8. If you've given us an invalid address or contact number and causing the parcel to be returned to us, we will not in charge on the shipping for resending the parcel. You will have to pay us the additional shipping to resend the parcel.
  9. Missing item or parcel or any problem on delivery should report to us in same days and cannot sign the document. Reject the goods to the courier company and take the parcel photo email to us. Fail to do, air courier company will no accept any complaint if buyer sign the delivery document.
  10. We no bear any risking if the item was confiscated by customs department.

After Sales Policy

  1. We only give after sales services to our customer which had placed the order in our system.
  2. Customer need report the problem in your order to activate after sales services.
  3. Only the order which no completed can report the problem.
  4. Problem can report in order if between 1-50 days once arrived our China warehouse and after submit shipment.
  5. We no accept the after sales request if you report to us after 3 days you receive the parcel.
  6. We cannot guarantee any after sales can success but we will try our best to do.
  7. Same seller cannot complaint more than 1 time in same trade.
  8. Seller given cosignment note, packing material and item should take into photo and upload during report problem.
  9. If your after sales had been rejected you must re-submit the problem again else system will auto terminate if you no reply after 48 hours.
  10. You may advice the solution to us before we complaint to seller.
  11. System will auto complete the order if the after sales had been closed or completed after 5 days if you still no complete the order yourself.
  12. If you complete the order in after sales status. system will auto complete all the after sales belong to that order too, which you we will no follow up again the problem in this order.

Compensate Policy

  1. Compenstate process will be carry out by few sectors. First, some party complaints and we will investigation and verification, once investigation and verification is complete, we will confirm that the responsible party, and last will follow the compenstate flow to carry the process.
  2. Parties included Buyer (represent you), Seller, Air Courier Company, Askmebuy.

Local China Domestic Sectors

  1. Once goods send out from our warehouse to the China airport for security checking, where there have some prohibited items.
  2. Prohibited items such as: firearms, military or police armed (including any components) and their imitations; category of explosives and their imitations; flammable, explosive items; toxic chemicals; corrosive substance; radioactive materials; controlled knives; strong magnetization, strong pungent odor or any item which can endanger flight safety as well as listed in national laws and regulations prohibit carry or transport of goods.
  3. Buyer must select the correct channel for delivery of goods, sensitive goods must go to sensitive goods channels, any risk of fault declaration is bear to Buyer, we Askmebuy and Air courier company will not take any responsibility about this fault declaration.
  4. If any fault declaration or prohibited item found during security checking in China customs, penalties process will carry out which is calculated according to the weight by every AWB.
  5. China Customs penalties fees is vary depend on the shipping agent you selected. For more terms and condition you may visit here:
    Askmebuy Shipping Agent Terms & Conditions
  6. Some case, China custom may destory your shipment without your feedback, for this case mostly the item is wrong declaration.
  7. Buyer must make sure the receiver information is correct and reachable, Air courier company will no accept any compenstate request if wrong information is given by Buyer.
  8. Air courier company and Askmebuy will not refund any shipping fees if missing parcel during delivery, because the airline has already cargo transport to the destination, the cost has been incurred, our company has to pay the cost of the goods (including transportation costs, fuel, etc.).

Customs Clearance Sectors

  1. Once the goods reach to Buyer local air port for security checking, if customs need to inspection Buyer goods or import licenses, EDI cost will occur and customs taxes may apply, Buyer should understanding and cooperation, any doubt Buyer can communicate to Askmebuy customer services.
  2. During custom cargo inspection, lost cargo goods may happen.Air courier company or Askmebuy shall be unable to accept compensation if the shipment is sensitive shipment, if normal shipment, compensate process may carry out as normal process.
  3. If happen any EDI cost or duty tax during inspection, Buyer should beark the cost, if Buyer rejected, the shipment will destory and Askmebuy will auto reduce the balance of the Buyer base on the amount charges by customs.
  4. Compensate will carry out by providing the item detail with the proof of order and any document prepare by Askmebuy or Buyer to Air courier company, thus any fault declaration such as wrong quantity, wrong cost, wrong declare item name, if happen missing parcel during delivery, Air courier company and Askmebuy will no compensate.
  5. High-value goods, such as tablet computers, mobile phones, cameras, camcorders and so on, be sure to inform Askmebuy before send out as Askmebuy have to inform Air courier company to check before send. If the above procedure does not match, the occurrence of lost goods shall not be compensated except using AP services

Delivery Sectors

  1. Recipient may be Buyer, Buyer relatives, Buyer friend, Buyer colleague or any other person that Buyer authorised them for helping receive the parcel.
  2. During recipient sign for the parcel, recipient must check properly the parcel is in good condition. If the parcel is broken, or using more than one sticker for sealing or any opened traces, recipient must take the photo of the parcel, reject the signa and return to the delivery person.
  3. Recipient must measure the weight and the dimension of the parcel before sign the delivery document, if the parcel weight is no match and as conditions permit, you may request to open the parcel and checking before sign.
  4. If Recipient signned the delivery document, that is mean the parcel is in good condition and with correct weight and dimension, Air courier company and Askmebuy will not accept any compensate request.
  5. During delivery, local delivery person may request the duty fees or EDI fees, if delivery person cannot show and give the official invoice to Recipient, Recipient should reject and contact to Askmebuy for investigate. If Recipient paid to the delivery person without any proof of offical invoice, Air courier company and Askmebuy will not accept this complaint.
  6. If the Recipient address, Recipient telephone cannot reach, Air courier company will inform Askmebuy to contact Buyer. Buyer should provide the information in 2 working day, fail to do may have extra storage charges or may destory the parcel, Air courier company and Askmebuy will not compensate it.
  7. If the parcel had broken and reported by Recipient, Askmebuy will report to Air courier company, Air courier company will arrange the delivery of correct item to Recipient and the missing item will try allocate and delivery to Recipient in next time.
  8. Count from reported date if Air courier company cannot delivery the goods in next 14 days, Air courier company will proceed the compensate process to Buyer.
  9. If the received item broken cause by the seller packing problem, we and air courier company will not compensate and the only can do is asking the seller, we strongly recommended have checking services during submit the shipment.
  10. Compensate of missing item will no accept if any fault declaration provide by Buyer.
  11. Investigation request from buyer should made if 10 days still receive the parcel after sent out from our China warehouse.

Goods Return Policy

  1. We accept return and exchange. If you are in any way dissatisfied with an item, please return it in its original to the china seller, saleable condition (please retain the original packing. Any used, scratches or damages caused by own careless will not be accepted) and in its original within 3 days of receiving it. All the payment for the shipping are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  2. All the items return to China may have China Customs Tax, this tax bear by you
  3. Please inform us if you want to return the goods to china seller, and we will provide you the address.
  4. All the shipping cost of return the goods should bear from buyer which is you.
  5. To avoid the warranty being abused, all refund is not in cash basis but will refund in your balance, balance can be withdraw into your bank if you request.
  6. Unless it's our mistake for purchase wrong item to you, other reasons of return are not allowed for item exchange.
  7. However, please note that shipping charges is not included in the refund.

Withdraw Policy

You may withdraw the balance from your askmebuy account to your local bank after you had completed all order.
  1. We will charges RM2 handling fees for every withdraw.
  2. Please complete your bank information in your account before submit withdraw. My Account
  3. Withdraw process will be approve or reject within 48 business hours after you submit the withdraw process.
  4. We will reject any withdraw if you still have any order no complete yet.
  5. We will reject any withdraw if you no placing any order but request to withdraw.
  6. We will reject any withdraw if you no provide the your correct bank information.
  7. We will reject any withdraw if the top up is by cash deposit or credit card.
  8. We will reject any withdraw if the top up is from other person instead of your withdraw bank holder name.
  9. We will reject any withdraw if the withdraw to bank is not Malaysia local bank.
  10. We will charges RM5 to any withdraw if your last top up doesn't pay any order or shipment.
  11. We will charges 1 percent of services fees if your withdraw amount within 30 days had over RM500.
  12. If your withdraw bank information is no Maybank or Public Bank, every withdraw will charges RM5 Per transaction.
  13. We not accept withdraw for your CNY Balance in askmebuy account.

Coupon & Voucher Policy

Different between coupon and voucher:
Coupon can redeem without having any points but voucher only can redeem by using your bonus point.

Coupon term and condition.
Every member can redeem and use the coupon base on below term and condition.
  1. Only member can redeem and use the coupon in our system.
  2. Coupon cannot transfer to other customer and not for sales.
  3. Every coupon will have the condition to redeem, you need fulfill the condition for redeem.
  4. Every coupon will have 3 status which is available, waiting and end.
  5. Only the available coupon can be redeem, of course you must meet the coupon requirement.
  6. To redeem the coupon you have to agree our coupon policy with term and condition.
  7. After redeem the coupon, you need use before coupon expire.
  8. Now we have 2 types of coupon which for order discount and shipment discount.
  9. For order discount coupon you may applied before you pay the order.
  10. For shipment discount coupon you may applied before you pay the shipment.
  11. Once you applied the coupon in order or shipment, that coupon cannot reuse again.
  12. Coupon only discount to the services charges.
  13. Coupon cannot transfer or exchange to balance or cash.
  14. If your order or shipment amount is less than the coupon condition after we review, that coupon will voided and cannot reuse again.
Voucher term and condition.
Every member can redeem and use the voucher base on below term and condition.
  1. Only member can redeem and use the cash voucher in our system.
  2. Cash voucher cannot transfer to other customer and not for sales.
  3. Cash voucher only can redeem by using your membership bonus points.
  4. After redeem the cash voucher must use in 30days else will auto expired.
  5. Cash voucher can be use in order or shipment before payment.
  6. For using in shipment, you cannot select auto pay features, shipment have to pay yourself if require using cash voucher.
  7. Once you applied the voucher in order or shipment, that cash voucher cannot reuse again.
  8. Cash voucher only discount to the services charges.
  9. Cash voucher cannot transfer or exchange to balance or cash.
  10. If your order or shipment cancelled, that cash voucher will voided and cannot reuse again.

Bonus Point Policy

Every order after complete will have a special rate of bonus to you
  1. Gain bonus can redeem into cash voucher.
  2. To complete your order, you order must in the status: Intransit To Destination.
  3. You need to complete your order by yourself to get the bonus points, system will auto complete the order after 20 days for air shipping and 40 days for sea shipping.
  4. If the system auto complete the order, no any points will be given.
  5. If the shipment is lose and compensated, no any points will be given.
  6. Any surrender item after reach to our warehouse will no give any bonus point.
  7. For redeem cash voucher, you may visit our cash voucher page at:Coupon Redeem
  8. If you surrender your account, the accumulate bonus point will destory as well.

Review Policy

Every order or shipment after sent out you may review the seller and our services to gain more bonus points
  1. Gain bonus can redeem into cash voucher.
  2. To review your order or shipment, you order must in the status: Intransit To Destination or your shipment must in status Sent Out.
  3. You need to review your order or shipment by yourself to get the bonus points, system will auto review after 60 days once the shipment had sent out to you.
  4. If the system auto review, you cannot review this order or shipment anymore.
  5. To gain more review bonus point you may upload the photo and describe the item you had received with more detail information.
  6. Our admin will base on you review information to give you more bonus point.
  7. Your submmited review will be public to our customer for reference purpose, your avatar will display with your encrypted nickname and some important information will be encrypted too.
  8. If the system auto review, system will auto review and publish to other customer for reference purpose, auto review will not show your avatar your encrypted nickname and some important information will be encrypted too.

Affiliate Policy

  1. Reasons for a rejected affiliate program may include: Contains sexually explicit material. Contains hate, violence or offensive content. Promotes illegal activities or otherwise violates any applicable laws. Invite yourself to get commission.
  2. Every month of 7th, system will automatic calculate the transactions which completed in the last 2 months, which means Dec will finalize affiliate points for Oct transactions, Jan will finalize affiliate points for Nov transactions.
  3. 10 percentage Support Technical Fees will apply while calculate the affiliate points.
  4. Redeem into cash only available for affiliate which have over 5000 affiliate points.
  5. Redeem into cash will exchange your affiliate points into your askmebuy account balance.
  6. Every month system only can accept for one redemption only.
  7. Affiliate must fill in the bank information correctly in account detail if require withdraw from askmebuy balance.

Terms & Conditions

For the first time we have a cordial working relationship, so we must have agree to the following conditions:
  1. We will help you follow up your order until the goods to your destination, any problems we will notify you and will try to help you solve.
  2. The payment will charges in 2 times, at first we will charge you the first phase of the purchase price, which include cost of item, packaging fees, courier fees. We will inform you the second payment which for courier cost from china warehouse to your destination before the goods sent out to your destination.
  3. When the first payment reach our account, we will start follow up your order.
  4. While we helping to purchases, there may be have some problems, such as: the item had out of stock, shortage of color, size is no match, or merchants recommend other colors. Before we do any action, we will inform you first, after your confirmation, we will continue to purchase.
  5. When you start place your order, you will not be able to cancel the order or do any refund request, unless out of stock or we cannot contact the seller/supplier.
  6. When your goods arrived at our air warehouse, our staff will immediately measure your item weight and take the actual photo of the parcel. We will inform you the actual weight and actual volume, and total shipping cost after you had submit the shipment and after we had packed. For sea shipping, we only provide weight and dimension after packed. When the second payment (shipping cost) reached to our account, we will help you arrange the shipment to your destination immediately.
  7. For sensitive goods (such as liquid / powder) there are different shipping cost for air shipping. You can ask us for the latest air freight and sea freight quotations.
  8. If the goods send by air, we will provide the tracking number to you. If the goods send by sea, there is no any tracking number to track but there is a shipping code to you. (Send by air will take around 4-5 days working days from warehouse to your destination. If by sea, you will receive around two weeks.)
  9. Air or sea shipping sometime will delay for some reason for e.g. delayed voyage, when such an accident occurs, we will first inform you that, we will try to help you follow up and provide the latest information to you.
  10. Normally you will not taxed by using our Air and sea shipping, we will use the special pipeline to handle your goods, but if it really happens in the tax event, we will help you to solve, and send the goods to your destination without you to settle, but the taxes must be borne by the customer (you). We are engaged in the purchasing industry for more than two years, so far there is not happen any tax event.
  11. We will provide one-stop service, you only need to pay the costs of the two stages of the payment which mentioned in point number 2.
  12. Sensitive goods are branded item, imitation goods, food, health products, weight loss product, medical products and medicines, essential oil, edible oil, cosmetics, liquid, pen with liquid, powder, cream, CDs, Bra with liquid or sand material, handphone. walkie-talkie, tablet, laptop, bluetooh, infrared, watches, batteries, power bank, magnetic, electric pump, air pump, capacitance, electronic components, chemicals, sex toys, sharp items such knife and so on.
  13. Prohibit goods of violation items, such as firearms, drugs and etc. cannot order or ship out.

If you agree to the above agreement, we can help you to purchase any products (except for prohibited products). We provide one-stop service to all customers. We hope do the long-term cooperation with customers. If you have any questions, you can contact us, thank you.


Privacy Notes


This website and its contents are provide from the foundation of its existing information. is just provide a platform to shop online, therefore we are not responsible for the law responsibility (except for the legal implicit regulations) for any direct, indirect, accident and punitive of recompense (include money profits and invisible of loss) for any loss that caused by the website contents or used of the purchased products. Before you use the products that purchased from, please read through the details of manufacture, products details that provided by the seller and the details that printed on the product package itself, method of used and product's caution carefully, we are not responsible for: the accuracy of the information that provided by the manufacture and the seller, applicability of the product, quality and reliability of the product. Therefore please read through all the product's details carefully before you use it.
Although we have already used our biggest effort to show the actual appearance and color of the products, but we cannot guarantee that your computer/monitor can display it accurately.
All the size measurement of our clothes is just for your reference, there might have some difference (size error margin within 0.5cm to 2.0cm) within all the clothes (same style,same size). We are not undertake any responsibility for the size is not suit by different types of brands.
We will not undertake responsibility due to there is any reason that beyond control and caused the website sale system collapse or cannot function normally, thus caused all the trade records/information missing or cannot make any transaction online. But we will try our best to possibility to help out, and with our best effort to make customer to decrease any loss that caused.
Our responsibility is only limit to deliver out the goods on time, helping buyers to check out the information if there is any accident of the express service. We are not going to undertake any responsibility for any others recompense outside of the express service. All the recompense will be based on the regulations of the express delivery company. Before the inquiry/checking due date of the express sevice, buyer request for any claims from them/us. Kindly remind all the buyer MUST double check your address and phone number to avoid any delay on the delivery.

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This website currently is just to use to provide online information and as a shopping medium. The information communication contents of this website can only legally use for the following usage, any information that infract the regulations of this website (any harmful and intimidatory information), cannot be pasted or transmitted, we reserved the rights (but have no incumbency and responsibility) to forbid and remove all these informations.

Order Clause

The order clause of this store has clearly listed at the Ordering Section & Terms and Conditions, all the ordering behavior need to comply and follow all these buying and usage clause.

Indemnification and Responsibility Restriction

When you are using our website, and because of you have infract the ordering clause or any behavior of you that cause incur a loss, you are agreed to compensate for our loss, expenditure, damage and expenses (include reasonable law expenses). You are agreed that will not undertake any legal law responsibility if you incur any loss by using our website, and you also agreed that to abnegate pursue after to pay for any amends. If this declaration is not suitable for individual case, our responsibility will not exceed the amount of money(purchase of goods or services) that you spend on this website.

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Our Privacy Policy

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Collection of Personal Information

Askmebuy does not sell, share or trade customer’s personal information collected online with third parties, except the review will display your encrypted nickname and avatar to other visitor for reference purpose

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Once we found that there is any endanger, third party or any illegal behavior/action, we are entitled to stop or terminate anyone to enter into all or part of our website/webpage without giving any notice.


If there is any notification, we will inform it to our customers by sending them emails, announcing it in the website or mail it to the customers. Customers also can inform us through emails as

Clause Modification

These usage clause (include ordering clause and others terms and conditions in the website) might be change when it is needed, therefore please kindly read through all the usage clause, ordering clause and other terms and conditions in the website carefully before you place an order.
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