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Wechat Agent

Expert WeChat agent in Malaysia since 2008

. What is wechat?

Wechat (Chinese named: 微信) is a Chinese instant messaging, social media, and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. First released in 2011, it became the world's largest standalone mobile app in 2018, with over 1 billion monthly active users.
WeChat is the only app in China to have over one billion active users and is one of only five apps in the world which have surpassed that milestone. WeChat Pay, which was built using the framework of Tenpay, has over 900 million users and has supplanted AliPay as the most popular payment service in the country.
Every china people using wechat, beside you can chit chat with them is mean you can make business to them as well.

. Why no using other platform but using wechat for dealing business?

There are many reason why some seller only deal the business in wechat instead using other platform. Below are some major reasons:
  1. Costing, dealing in wechat, the seller no need to bear extra commission to platform
  2. Easy, many sellers in China still no familiar to manage a online shop, however wechat like facebook just post and start to selling
  3. Approving problem, some items cannot easy public to platform but wechat no have this restriction
  4. Instant info, cause wechat is instant messaging, client can easy get seller latest information from seller

. Any risk if deal in wechat?

Yes, cause the deal no in any platform so the money will direct go to seller pocket after we send the money to them. If you are not trust to seller there will have some risk which will no send out the goods after get our money. However wechat also have system to detect the seller having this bad case before paying and we will minimise this risk by warn you if happen this notification from wechat.

. Where to get wechat? Is it free?

Wechat can easier get in your phone, you can type "wechat" in google play or App Store. The registration is free to use, however some country ban wechat due to some political issues, like India.

. How do I know what item that seller selling?

Every wechat seller will public thier items to thier wall, in wechat we called moments.
Wechat Agent
You only can see seller moments once you had added seller as friend. Once you found your desired item, you can send that picture to seller for asking the price or available or not.
No worry about how to deal with China seller, leave it to us and we will deal with you without any problem.

. got any extra charges for buy for me from wechat order?

Yes, base on your order amount we have 7%-10% services charges depend on your level. The reason we collect services charges is we need lot man power to follow up and check every item is correct before send to you and in market there is no agent do like us which 100% check and take item photo to you.

. How to let know what item I need to buy?

You have to register an account for free so you can paste your item photo and seller wechat ID into your account and submit the order to us. Is very simple you can inquiry our customer services if have any problem
  • We are register company.
  • We insure every trade.
  • We give you best sales.
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