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Ship on behalf or parcel forwarding services

Want our help to send out your parcel from china to you? Yes we have the powerful system to solve your problem easier and fast. Scroll down the page you will find out the features for using of this system. You can register as ship on behalf at bottom of this page.

What is ship on behalf services

Ship on behalf services is open for the customer which had the parcel in the china which like to send to any destination by air shipping. You must have a good communication to China seller and send the parcel to our China warehouse, we help you collect your parcel and send it together to save your shipping cost.

What is the different between purchase on behalf with ship on behalf?

  • Purchase on behalf: We help you deal everything to China seller and delivery to you.
    Ship on behalf: You must have a lot of time to follow up the order by yourself.
  • Purchase on behalf: Missing item, wrong item, delaying we handling to you.
    Ship on behalf: Not services given cause we do not know who you buy from, we just help to ship.
  • Purchase on behalf: Order bonus and lot of benefit.
    Ship on behalf: Less benefit compare to purchase on behalf.
  • Purchase on behalf: All payment using your local curreny, easier your life.
    Ship on behalf: Payment of shipment by CNY, China currency.

What are the difference between our ship on behalf services with other company?

Fill up the tracking number with the declare information once you get from seller or supplier.
Pre enter the information into our system before the parcel reached.
Check all the on the way parcel status in one click
Tedious to find out every parcel status which still on the way to our china warehouse? Just one click you can track all the parcel.
Daily notification for the arrived parcel
Busy man to track the parcel arrived our China warehouse? Our system will email or alert you once any of the parcel arrived.
Provide measurement weight of every arrived parcel
Hard to estimate the parcel weight to arrange the shipment for saving to cost? Every arrived parcel will given actual weight for your reference.
Repack request to remove packing box or any unwanted material
Scare for the dimension calculation to pay expensive shipping cost? We given repack services and is free to request.
Parcel photo provide before submit shipment
No idea need repack or not? We have provide the photo of every parcel while in stock, good to see your parcel before get it.
Checking request for your parcel item
Not sure your item correct or not? We provide checking with photo capture and display in your shipment, once done you will get notify and you may look what inside that parcel. Optional charges services.
Notification for the problem or packed shipment
System will automatics notify you if your shipment have problem or is finish packed. If shipment problem, just reply in your shipment so our warehouse will know it immediately.
Partial shipment for safe to custom tax
My parcel is too big and valued, how to safe from custom tax? Partial shipment can request to split one parcel into few packing for individual AWB, small parcel sure safe to custom tax.
Declare the item as you wish
Pre enter information will print as declaration invoice, you may amend the declaration information if necessary.
Hide the seller invoice to your customer
Do not need any invoice in the parcel before send out? Yes, you may request and free of charges too.
Hide our company header and name for invoice and AWB consignment note
Scare your customer find us after see our company name appear in invoice or AWB? You may hide it now without any charges.
Auto pay for your shipment if balance is enough
No time for pay your shipment once ready packed? Don't worry, we will automatics help you using your balance for paying every unpaid shipment.
Detailed information of every awb saved to your shipment
Every awb we will show the parcel information, weight, dimension, tracking number, using what courier company and how to track information will show in your shipment.
Pre submit your shipment without waiting arrive our warehouse
Waste time to checking the parcel arrive or not? You can pre submit the shipment, we will automatics proceed the packing once the shipment all parcels had arrived.
Air or sea shipping method, let you choose and switch
You may choose to send your goods from our warehouse by 2 shipping methods, more convenient compare with only air shipping method.
Join us and you will find out more benefit. Our customer review can be view here:

Parcel Forwarding Air Or Sea Shipping Cost

Parcel Forwarding Shipping Cost Please Refer Here:
Special offer: Ship on behalf will not charge by any services charges

Ship on behalf level benefit

Have a lot of goods to send and looking for long term partnership? Yes we have this levelling system to offer the customer which always have the goods to send out.
User Level Accumulate shipping cost spend Last month total spend Last month total AWB Air Shipping Cost
Rank 1 Rank 1 Less than CNY ¥1,000.00 Less than CNY ¥100.00 Less than 5 AWB No discount
Rank 2 Rank 2 Over CNY ¥1,000.00 Over CNY ¥200.00 Over 5 AWB - CNY ¥0.20 For Every 0.5KG
Rank 3 Rank 3 Over CNY ¥5,000.00 Over CNY ¥500.00 Over 10 AWB - CNY ¥0.30 For Every 0.5KG
Rank 4 Rank 4 Over CNY ¥8,000.00 Over CNY ¥1,000.00 Over 15 AWB - CNY ¥0.40 For Every 0.5KG
Rank 5 Rank 5 Over CNY ¥15,000.00 Over CNY ¥1,500.00 Over 25 AWB - CNY ¥0.50 For Every 0.5KG
Accumulate shipping cost spend and Last month total spend is no include any checking fees, delay fees, storage fees or repack fees.
If your monthly spend is no enough for the current level, system will auto downgrade your rank.
System will only upgrade or downgrade your rank at every 1st day of the month.
To register as our ship on behalf agent, you have to agree our ship on behalf policy at : Ship On Behalf Policy
Ok, I got it, I want became ship on behalf agent
Click here to register
  • We are register company.
  • We insure every trade.
  • We give you best sales.
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