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Shipping Cost

  1. This shipping cost is charges when you ship out from our China warehouse to your destination.
  2. We have two shipping method, which are air shipping and sea shipping.
  3. Below is the shipping cost and detail. The below cost is no include services charges, for shipment services charges please refer:
  4. All the costing is calculate by CNY (China Currency) and will convert to RM (Malaysia Ringgit) base on current currency rate.
You can select your country for more detail.
Shipping Agent Terms & Conditions
Shipping Voucher

Shipping Voucher

We are pleased to inform you that for every shipment, we are offering a 5% rebate on your shipping cost which can be redeemed to shipping voucher which you can use for your next shipment. This exclusive offer is our way of thanking you for your continued patronage and loyalty. We want you to feel valued as our customer, and we believe that this discount will be a meaningful way to show our appreciation. Thank you for choosing our services, and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

Shipping Voucher term and condition.
  1. This shipping voucher will be provided free after your shipment is sent 4 days ago.
  2. The amount of the shipping voucher is based on 5 percent of the total shipping cost which does not include any additional charges.
  3. Each shipping voucher will have a different condition to use.
  4. The condition to use is based on the amount of the voucher x 10. For example, the amount of a shipping voucher is CNY5, you will need to spend above CNY50 on the shipping cost without any additional charges to use this voucher.
  5. All shipping vouchers will have 30 days of validity once issued.
  6. Shipping voucher cannot transferable or cancel once used, all automatics redeem and use by system.

Shipping Cost Calculator

Weight (KG):
Dimension (CM): Height x Width x Length
By Sea CBM:
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