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Taobao Agent

Expert China agent in Malaysia since 2008

. What is China agent?

China agent mean we can help you purchase from any China platform or any way you deal to China seller we are acceptable
You just let us know how much should pay and where to pay and what the product is, the left we will settle for you

. I no familiar to Chinese how can I deal with custom made?

You can use google chrome for auto translate the Chinese website. You also can contact our customer services, and we will get your request and pass to our China purchasing team which will deal to your seller at China which only speak Chinese. Once your goods arrived our China warehouse, we will check depend on your request and we will take the real item photo to you without any extra charges before send to you.
No worry about how to deal with China seller, leave it to us and we will deal with you without any problem.

. got any extra charges for buy for me from China?

Yes, base on your order amount we have 7%-10% services charges depend on your level. The reason we collect services charges is we need lot man power to follow up and check every item is correct before send to you and in market there is no agent do like us which 100% check and take item photo to you.

. How to let know what item I need to buy?

You have to register an account for free so you can paste your item link into your account and submit the order to us. Is very simple you can inquiry our customer services if have any problem
  • We are register company.
  • We insure every trade.
  • We give you best sales.
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