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Reduction Air Shipping Rates 空运费用大幅降低

News Date: 2024-03-20 10:30:00

Dear all customers,

The customs clearance arrangements at KLIA in West Malaysia have basically been restored.

Although the customs clearance fee increased slightly, we still reduced the price to the last price.

Below are the update air shipping cost start from now for all new submit air shipment

  1. Normal air shipping to West Malaysia drop CNY3 / KG, now as low as RM11.88 per KG
  2. Sensitive air shipping to West Malaysia drop CNY2.00 / KG as low as RM14.44 per KG

We hope this are our best rate for you, thanks for always support

Air Shipping From China to Malaysia





  1. 西马普通空运降CNY3.00  每公斤,现低至 RM11.88 每公斤
  2. 西马敏感货空运降 CNY2.00 每公斤 现低至 RM14.44 每公斤



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