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Singapore and West Malaysia Sea shipping cost increase 新加坡和西马大海运涨价通知

News Date: 2024-06-04 17:29:00

Dear all customers,

Sorry to inform the sea shipping cost increase again.

  1. Start from 2024-06-05 Singapore big sea shipping had increase CNY50 per CBM
  2. For the West Malaysia sea shipping we just receive the notice will increase very soon, est CNY50 per CBM

Please send out your goods asap once reach China warehouse



  1. 从 2024-06-05 开始,新加坡大型海运费用每立方米上涨 50 元人民币
  2. 对于西马海运,我们刚刚收到通知,将很快上涨,预计每立方米 50 元人民币


		Best Regards,
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