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Air shipping increase notice 空运涨价通知

News Date: 2023-10-27 16:31:00

Dear all customers,

Sorry to inform that air shipping will increase after today 5pm

Below are the detail

  1. All normal air shipping to West Malahysia increase CNY3 / KG
  2. All sensitive air shipping to West Malahysia increase CNY1 / KG
  3. Special air shipping to West Malaysia increase CNY2 / KG
  4. Singapore normal air shipping increase CNY3 / KG

We also having the notice that sea shipping will increase soon, please send out asap to avoid any problem

All unpaid air shipping will increase base on new price after 5pm.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience caused


抱歉通知今天下午 5 点后空运费将会涨价 下面是详细内容:

  1. 西马所有普货空运涨价 CNY3/KG 西马
  2. 西马所有敏感空运涨价 CNY1/KG
  3. 特殊货物空运涨价 CNY2/KG
  4. 新加坡普货空运涨价 CNY3/KG


下午 5 点后,所有未付款的空运将根据新价格调整。


		Best Regards,
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