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Skynet shipping method very slow cause Covid-19 case 尽量避免选Skynet 因为Skynet总部发生Covid 事件

News Date: 2021-06-15 17:17:00

Dear all customers,

Sorry to inform that Skynet HQ having Covid-19 case and lack of man power to process the parcels.

This will making the process very slow and estimate need around 1 week back to normal.

Thus we no recommend select skynet for right now.

Thanks and sorry for any incovenient.


非常抱歉的通知您,我们收到消息有关Skynet 总部发生了Covid-19 的事件而导致缺乏人手处理包裹。


因此我们不建议您现在选择Skynet 渠道。


		Best Regards,
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