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2021 Labour Day Holiday Notice With New Free Coupons 劳动节假期通知新增免费优惠卷

News Date: 2021-04-17 11:30:00

2021 Labour Day Holiday

Our China warehouse, air agency company, China custom will off 3 days duty during 30 Apr 2021 (Friday) to 02 May 2021 (Sunday) for Labour day holiday. During this period we not send out any goods from China warehouse and will resumes at 03 May 2021 (Monday).

Our China warehouse will off duty from 30 Apr 2021 (Friday) to 02 May 2021 (Sunday) and will resumes work at 03 May 2021 (Monday)

Our Malaysia office will off duty from 01 May 2021 (Saturday) to 02 May 2021 (Sunday) and will resumes work at 03 May 2021 (Monday).

Please be note your goods may delay delivery and clearance during this period.
Kindly arrange the shipment before this holiday.
Thanks and sorry for any inconvenient cause.

劳动节假期,我们中国仓库,航空公司以及中国海关将会在2021年04月30号(星期五)至 2021年05月02号放3天假,放假期间无航班,无中转,无清关。2021年05月03号(星期一)恢复正常清关与中转。

我司中国仓库会在2021年04月30号(星期五)至 2021年05月02号(星期日)放3天假,放假期间没有出仓,没有包装。2021年05月03号(星期一)恢复正常。

我司马来西亚办公室会在2021年05月01号(星期六)至 2021年05月02号(星期日)放2天假。2021年05月03号(星期一)恢复正常。


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