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How To Buy For Me?
How To Ship For Me?

Our Purchase Flow (How To Buy For Me? Step 2: Make Payment)

Our Purchase Flow
  1. 1. Place Order
  2. 2. Make Payment
  3. 3. Waiting Purchase
  4. 4. Submit Shipment
  5. 5. Receive Goods
1) Pay your order
After you place the order, you need use your balance to pay the order. Click top up if your balanc is no enough
Pay your order
Next Step
2) Top up your balance
Now, we accept online transfer or E-wallet QR Code Scan for topup MYR
Top up your balance
You can know our bank account after you click local bank transfer
Top up your balance
Once you had bank in, you can submit the top up request to us
Top up your balance
Next Step
3) Waiting approve your top up request
After you submit the top up request, we need some time to verfiy and approve the top up.
You will receive an email about your top up request is approved or rejected.
Top up your balance
Next Step
4) View your order
Once you top up request had approved, you can using your balance to pay any order
You can view your order at :
View your order
Next Step
5) Pay your order
View your order and pay the order. Once you paid your order status will update too
Pay your order
Go to previous step 1. Place Order
Go to next step 3. Waiting Purchase
  • We are register company.
  • We insure every trade.
  • We give you best sales.
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