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How To Buy For Me?
How To Ship For Me?

Our Purchase Flow (How To Buy For Me? Step 4: Submit Shipment)

Our Purchase Flow
  1. 1. Place Order
  2. 2. Make Payment
  3. 3. Waiting Purchase
  4. 4. Submit Shipment
  5. 5. Receive Goods
1) All item arrived warehouse
Once all of your order reached our warehouse, system will send you an email asking you create the shipment to us
Your order status will be automatics update to Arrived Warehouse
All item arrived warehouse
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2) Arrange shipment
Arrange shipment
You may also notice in order had a button to view your arrived parcel for arrange the shipment
Arrange shipment
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3) Tick your parcel for submit shipment
If you want partial shipment, you need submit twice or more shipment to us
Tick the parcel you which to add into this shipment and click the button "Ship all ticked item now"
Tick your parcel for submit shipment
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4) Submit shipment
Here you need to double check your delivery information is correct
You can change the declare item name, declare amount, and declare quantity if neccessary
Declaration is use for clearance custom purpose only, we will no ask any fees of declare from you
Repack of the seller parcel request can be done at here
Submit shipment Submit shipment Submit shipment Submit shipment
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5) Waiting packing
Once you had submit the shipment, our warehouse staff will help you pack your parcel base on your request
Take a break with a coffee, you will receive an email once the shipment is packed and the shipping cost will be given
You can check the shipment status will be updated too once we carry out the packing process
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6) Shipment status
After you submit the shipment, you need wait our staff pack for you. Below are some shipment status explanation
Waiting Packing, once you submit the shipment to us, your shipment status will be this
Prepare Packing, our warehouse staff had start allocate your parcel in China warehouse
Packing Problem, if any problem during packing, warehouse staff will alert you and need your reply in your shipment
Packing Now, if our warehouse staff have carry out the packing process, yout shipment status will change to this
Waiting Payment, after we packed, system will send an email to you. You need using your balance to pay the shipment cost
Waiting Send, once you paid the shipment, we will arrange sending out to your destination
Prepare Send, warehouse staff had arrange your shipment ready to send by today
Sent Out, once sent, the shipment status will be change to this
Destory, shipment no paid on 30 days once packed will destory
Refunded, shipment missing after compenstate from courier company
Surrender, if you request to surrender this shipment
Shipment status
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